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Water Softener and Betta

Our betta is sick with what seems to be dropsy as is being discussed over on the Sick Betta Forum. One of the possible causes of this is our water quality. I mentioned that the GH is 0, KH at the top of the scale, and pH is usually 7.0 and someone said that a GH of zero is bad for the betta. Is there something I should add to the tank to make up for the lack of minerals? I can't think of a way to get water that hasn't gone through the system. I'd like to give him any chance of getting better and good water seems to be a key.
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dropsy is caused by organ failure, I do not think hardness affects a betta too much as long as the ph is a good 6,5-8 range. Once a betta shows signs of pineconing it is impossible to treat... are you sure it is dropsy?

Signs of dropsy are:

- Bloated belly
- Raising scales like a pinecone
- Lack of apetite
- Swim bladder disorder

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Usually the water softening units hooked up to the house are Ion exchangers that use salt-The water is soft for us to use but it isn't soft for fish nor is it healthy. The high sodium content can cause long term health problems-usually in the way of kidney damage and osmoregulation problems. Adding mineral will not help. You need to find away to bypass your soften water-sometimes an outside tap you use to water the lawn, wash car...etc...will not be hooked up to the unit....

Dropsy is a symptom not a disease in of itself-it has many different causes, however, once you see the scale sticking up-usually that means the fish is in system failure and little can be done-With that said, you don't want to give up too soon either-but you also don't want to allow the fish to suffer needlessly.
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