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Behavior Question

Hello all. I've seen this question asked a million times and the answer always seems to point to ammonia poisoning. My male King Betta is by himself in a filtered 5 gallon tank. He seems to be very healthy. He eats very well. I give him pellets, dried bloodworms, Beta Flakes etc.. He is very active. There are a variety of live plants that he swims through and hides in. I keep the temp right around 80 degrees. Sometimes in the mornings it will drop to 78 or so, but very rarely lower than that. When anyone in the house walks by the tank or sits in front of it he will swim to the front and "pose". My question is this. He likes to lay on the bottom on the tank. Always in the same place. He swims down and wedges himself between the leaves and just chills out. Perfectly still. I've watched him do it for 15 minutes at a time. Then he wiggles out and swims around. He does it pretty regularly. Is this normal behavior for a healthy male betta? I apologize for being so wordy but I haven't been able to get any decent info from my local fish store..
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Yes its normal if he has always done it. Not sure who would've said is ammonia poisoning but if you're checking your water parameters with a liquid test kit & are doing appropriate water changes then ammonia shouldn't be a concern.
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It's what bettas do.
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It sounds like he just likes to take naps in that spot :)
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Thanks for the replies folks! I appreciate your time!
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