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Smile Looking to add other fish to my tank please help me

I have a Veiltail and a Delta tail betta both are males and would like to add some fish to each of their tanks and was wondering as to what type? How many is good? Do i need any extra things with it and will i still be able to use my Aquarium salt and will i need to do anything special for my fish. Thank you for helping me!
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Sorry for any typos, I'm on my iPad. Haha

First off, there are a few things you need to ask to help decide which fish would suit your tank.
1. What size are their tanks?
The minimum size tank for tank-mates with betas is a 5 gallon tank, which can only handle snails and shrimp. Tanks upwards of ten gallons are needed for other fish.
2. What are your water conditions?
Different fish prefer different water hardness, ph, and temperature levels.
3. Are you using aquarium salt regularly?
Using aquarium salt regularly is actually bad for your fish's health. It is a medicine that is usually used in treating external infections such as fin rot and ich. When used regularly, the fish will become used to having it in its environment, so if you need to cure fin rot, aquarium salt will do nothing. It's like taking Tylenol every day whether you need it or not.

Hope I helped! (:
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It depends on the size of your tank. Anything under 10 gallons you are not going to be able to fit any other fish but a betta safely in.

Why are you using aquarium salt for your bettas now? Bettas don't need salt added to their water on a regular basis.

I see I was typing while you were posting haha
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well i just got them from the pet store and at first looking it loked like there was maybe some fin rot and i wanted to nip it before it got worse.
I have five gallon tanks
i dont know the ph level
and i have a synthetic plant in it
and also a rock like hiding thing.
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