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Ick or new fin growth...I know wierd question...need some help

Hi Everyone

I'm trying to figure out if my male DT has ick. I noticed what appears to be "crystals" that appear under light on the very edges of his 2 flipper fins. I dont know the exact term for them but its the 2 on the sides of the fish that are in constant motion.

The light reflection is literally at the very edge of both fins but it is not continuous outlining the entire fin. Put him under a flashlight and I dont see any crystals on his body or his flowing tail.

He is acting normal and nothing in his behaviour appears out of place. He was swimming the length of his tank pretty quickly this morning like doing laps in a pool but he has been doing that forever.

So, do these 2 fins grow? I swear they look bigger than I remember.

Some other info:

Tank - 5 gallon heated (78 degrees)

Filter - Whisper 3i (more for water circulation than filtration)

Housekeeping - 2 water changes weekly (1 @ 50% and 1 @ 100%). monday was his 100% WC with gravel vacuum

Food - Either Hikori or Omega pellets (5 pellets daily). Freeze dried bloodworms on occassion as a treat

Thoughts?? Should I turn up his heat and give him some aquarium salt as a precautionary measure?


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Kind of hard to say with the description you're giving. Ich is going to look like he was sprinkled with salt & you won't need a light to it. Some Bettas have an irridescence to them. I have one that has it only on the edge of his right fin.
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