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Filter baffle affect water temp?

I just noticed the temperature of my tank at 82 when I typically see it at between 76-80 (and by typically i mean the last four days because I just got everything last weekend). I'm worried the temperature is going to keep climbing... The only thing I've changed recently is trying out a bio sponge in the outtake to baffle the filter a bit. I only have a minibow1 for now (I know, I need bigger, I am working on it, but for now.....) is baffling the filter going to raise the water temperature? If my betta didn't seem terribly bothered by the flow of the filter previously, would it be better to just take out the baffle to "restore" the temperature? Or is four days not really long enough to know how steady the heater would keep the tank at? (It's a tiny marina heater btw 8w, label says meant for 0.5-1.5g or 2-5L tanks)
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The baffle should not raise your water temp. Is your heater adjustable? Do you have a lid on the tank with a light? Has your room temp changed? If you have a lid that stays closed then the temp inside the tank will increase over time. Having the light on the tank will increase the water temp. Is the temp the same in the morning after the light has been off over night as it is at the end of the day after the light has been on a while? The temp in my tanks always goes up a couple degrees during the day.
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Most likely it's the heater.. those cheap little presets will either raise the temp greatly, or keep it five degrees lower than room temp. If your tank is 1-3 gallons, then ideally I would use a 25w heater - even the presets at that wattage is better than the smaller ones.

82 is fine for a betta to live in, they can be fine up into the mid 90s. Keep an eye on it, if it goes higher then return it and get a 25w, preferably adjustable.. if not then that's fine, I have a couple 25w presets by Tetra and they work just fine.
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Hm it must have been the light. I typically don't have it on cause he gets indirect sunlight during the day and at night I would typically just have the room light on and not the tank's. thanks guys!

I'll be looking into a new heater too when I get a new tank, I'll keep in mind the wattage.
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