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Dan D
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Need ideas / advice on getting started with multiple betta's

I would like to have 2 pairs of betta's, one male will go in a display wall tank in my living room. 3 will be kept separate in a spare bedroom. None of my questions are in regards to the display tank as that is a cycled / planted tank with a heater & my male betta will be very happy.

My questions are in regards to the 3 other fish (1 more male & 2 females) that will not be displayed. I will keep them in a spare bedroom, they will require heat & I am not sure on the best way to do that. The room is in the low 60's during the winter. My one option would be to take a 10 gallon tank and cut some glass & make 3 tanks within the ten gallon tank. Heat the center & I imagine the heat would radiate thru out the 3 sections (yes I would have to confirm that) I guess another option would be to sit the tank on a reptile heat mat & that should heat the 3 compartments I would make in the 10 gallon tank.

Or is it easier to just use 3 separate betta bowls & figure out how to heat them ?

By easier I am asking in regards to cleaning, heating advice would also be appreciated on 3 little bowels but I have some ideas on that as I might place them in a small cabinet that is heated with one of them dark reptile basking lights hooked up to a thermostat. I'm pretty mechanical with stuff like that.

I guess what I don't know is which setup is better (one divided 10 gallon tank) or 3 bowels as far as cleaning. I am talking long term cleaning also like when algae starts to get on the glass & all that fun stuff.

What do the people do who have dozens of betta's, Cleaning / water changes on dozens of bowls 2 or more times a week could get real old ! As I type this I am beginning to realize why they are kept in little cups as it might be easier to just throw the cup out verses cleaning.

I also just realized the cups would be better as far as spreading disease as if I use divided tanks I am not going to have seperate cleaning brushes & siphon tubes.

I guess as they say writing things out helps you figure things out. Any ideas on how to heat a shelf the cups will be placed on ? I will use much larger cups than you see at the chain stores.


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I would say go for separate smaller tanks. Maybe three 5 gallons. You can get a 5.5 gallon kit at pet smart for pretty cheap. I wouldn't go for females and males divided as each betta emits a 'scent' that pretty much says 'hey! I'm here and I'm a male/female'! This allows the other betas to know there is another betta in the tank. Sometimes, it can be stressful on females to know there are other males in the tank, and they can become bound with eggs that never get released, and die. That is why I advise separate tanks. Also, with 5 gallon tank compared to smaller ones, they only need one water change a week.
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