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Question Ready to breed?

My boy, Skittle, is my first Betta. I got him yesterday, with a little (tiny, ik, im trying to get a new tank) 1/5 gallon tank, and some pebbles. I come home today from lunch and the water is outlined with lots of bubbles. I'm not sure how long he was at the gross Walmart, but from what I've been told, when males blow bubbles, they are ready to mate, and are around 12 weeks. Is Skittle ready to breed?
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Ready to breed?

Congratulations on your new betta!! Yes he is ready to breed and it also shows he is healthy. only healthy male bettas build bubble nests. If you want to breed him however, you need at least a 5 gallon tank to breed him in(no gravel) and a 15 gallon grow out tank. Make sure you do your research before you breed though!! Betta breeding is a very rewarding experience!
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Well, he's ready to breed. But he doesn't HAVE to. He's your avatar, right? VTs aren't desired tail types, no offense to them. He looks pretty, though. Breeding is rewarding yes, but it's costly and time consuming. You can easily spend over $500 for your F1. You'll need to buy heaters, tanks, grow outs, jars for males, fry food, shipping supplies, etc. You can also get 100+ fish in a small spawn, where will they be homed?

If you have him in a 1/2G (?) Then you don't seem to be experienced with fish keeping much.. I don't think you should breed just yet, wait until you're much more experienced. Bubble nests don't mean happiness, they're just instinct based.

BettaGIRL5, most of the info you have given was a little per se, wrong. Grow outs need to be at least 20G. But you were right on researching before breeding, though.
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+1 to Lebron

Also even betta's near death can blow a bubble nest as a last chance effort to mate and spread their seed so to speak. Bubbles have nothing to do with happyness or health, only their readyness to breed.
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Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm not going to breed him yet, I need more supplies and a female! I was just wondering for future reference.
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You'll need a few 20 gallon tanks and personally i wouldn't breed vt as you will have to cull (kill the fry) or give most of your betta to petshops where they will just die anyways because people don't really like them that much. If you want to breed you can look for nicer fish like halfmoons and even some GREAT crowntails to breed, they are more likely to sell. As leb said spawns can be up to 500 fry per spawn, if you can't manage that number be ready to kill babies until you CAN. If you only have 10 homes...then you have to euthanize 480 fry.
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Both males and females build bubble nests, and they do it for multiple reasons, and under multiple health conditions. Even a weather system coming through out area will get them in the blowing mode.. he also may be staking out territory. Does not mean he is ready to breed, as he is in no way conditioned to breed at this time. He knows it.. so he may simply just be marking his territory.

VTs aren't desirable to U.S. showers (at this time due to not being allowed in the show ring), but hoping that changes as a member of the IBC who is running for president wants to bring VTs back into show as many people still do cherish them and want to breed them. It's people who say that VTs are bad and unwanted that helps create a market where they aren't welcomed. In other countries VTs are well loved and are allowed in shows.

Sorry.. I love VTs, and I do warn people that they can be harder to sell (depending upon colors, etc), but they don't have to stay away from VTs all together.. HMs are only as popular as they are because they were new and we rushed to have them and everyone wants one and it sounds like a status quo when some people say "I only have ...".

Mind you not all.. but it's the case of "newer is better".

Good breeders do heavier culls.. they don't keep 500 fry just because the fish had that many.

If you are interested in breeding, lots of info out there, can point you to where to go.. keep in mind it's hundreds and hundreds of dollars set up, then maintenance fees, hours each day needed on water changes, etc etc. Lots to think about, but it's fun and rewarding once you have everything :) A single 20g and a female won't get your fry to live to adulthood. :)
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Yes, +1 to Lebron. If you've had him for so little time, he must be quarantined and conditioned before breeding him. And please do not breed veiltails. They are nice, but you will be contributing to the millions of veil tails dying on the shelves.
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If you are interested in breeding, we have many informative stickies in the breeding section. Those would be a good place to start.
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