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Ich (Ick) in my community tank :(

Okay so, It may of been that Cobamba (sorry if I spelled that wrong) That I bought from PetValu, But two out of the three females I had In that tank have visible Ich, I'm not sure if the third female will get it too? I noticed this just today and I put them all in their own one gallon with new water, I have SeaChem Prime in there too and the heat in my room is raised, to about, 74-75, I can raise it higher, so should I? I don't have any medicine for them and there's no petstore's around but I'm checking richardson's tomorrow because they had water conditioner, filters food, ect. So they might have QuickCure or RidIch, or something like that? Some questions I have to ask, Even though I haven't even named them yet, these fish are my precious babies! and I can't stand them being sick, is Ich very deadly? In my tank I have no plant, just water (duh) and gravel, Should remove or keep the gravel? I know it can harbor uneaten food and be a good source for trapped, rotten food that's molding... and should I change 100% water every day or 50%? Is there anything more I can do for my fish? I can't get any pictures of it but I asked my mom to confirm if its Ich (she used to breed those fancy tropical's) and she said it was so i know that that's the case..... :( Im so squrimy right now.. i wanna go eat but i don't wanna leave my fish, I check my fish every day studying them while they eat and I havn't noticed this until this afternoon, where one of them had the white spots, then later this evening after I finished cleaning the tanks to separate them the other had it, and like I said the third one hasn't gotten it yet, hopefully not at all! e.o but while waiting for their tank water to be conditioned, she did jump out of her cup and i found her on the carpet! -.- shes fine though!

So, is there anything else I can do for them for the time being?
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Are we talking bettas here? Bettas are tropical fish and need to be kept a minimum of 76 degrees and 78-80 is ideal. The tank will also be several degrees below room temp.

You cannot keep bettas healthy without a heater in a house this cool and you need to raise the temp much higher for ick...

Also ick is an opportunistic infection caused by fish stress and/or poor water quality.

More info is needed please:
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