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compatible fish for a betta tank

Can someone give me a list of fish that are compatible with a betta fish? Swimmers seems lonely just swimming all by himself in a 10 gallon tank, and i want to get him a tank-mate, but am unsure about what other tropical fish are compatible.

Also, would I need to use different fish food for the other fish, or can I give both of them the BettaMin flake food?
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Bettas are fish that can live happily on their own. I had a male betta and a "mystery" snail in a 10g. They did well together. In the past I've had cory cats and neons(they are both schooling so 5+) It all depends on your fish though.
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Hello and welcome to the forums. There is a specific forum for information about compatibility between species and what conditions you would need to take into consideration when adding a Betta fish with companions. I would suggest asking there for specific information about caring for the other species as well as what volume tank would be good for certain species, in order to take into account bioload.

As for what species are compatible with Betta fish, here is a list of some species that work well: http://bettafishawarenessday.blogspo...tank-myth.html

Do note that they all have different requirements and personalities do not always get along, including that of the Betta fish. My boy, for example, simply will not tolerate anything in his tank even though Betta splendens are known to be compatible with other species.
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Old 01-25-2013, 08:33 PM   #4 
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I've had various tetras (mostly cardinals) and even an algae eater in a 10G with my betta. They are fine most of the time but it's really up to how territorial your betta is and how nippy the other fishes are.
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Have an assortment of mollies in a 10G with my CT. Gets along with all of them except one. It's always the same one. I guess he doesn't like this particular molly. Gonna try ghost shrimp soon.
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Just remember that even if one person has successfully kept a fish species with a betta, doesn't necessarily mean it will work out for your betta. Some are more aggressive than others! So don't spend a ton of money on a tank mate.

I have one betta that gets along with guppies, snails, you name it. I have others that will kill any living thing on sight.

Maybe start with a snail and see how that goes.
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