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anybody have any idea/suggestions to why this is happening?

my little guy that I just got on Friday, doesn't seem to like to swim through the plants in his tank. He also doesn't like to lay on his leaf hammock that I have on the side.

As far as I have seen he doesn't like to do that. He just likes to swim back and forth along the back of the tank where I have a fern scrapbooking paper background (yes the paper is on the outside) (my tank is also a 5 gallon)

He also doesn't go to the bottom that much either (that i've seen) he just likes to swim around the top and sometimes the middle of the tank along the back side where the heater and paper is at. There are times where he goes down to the bottom when he's swimming along the side of the glass (i think he sees his reflection and i think he thinks he's swimming with another fish.)

Should I be concerned? Is there anything that I should do? Suggestions? Or am I just paranoid. I just don't want him to not be able to sleep at night because he won't rest or go through his plants. (right now he actually was just down on the bottom and actually swimming in spots I haven't seen him swim at yet, which included swimming somewhat near his purple/blue plant)

He's very active always swimming around, full of color, his fins are only clamped I guess you could say when he swims because he's a double tailed betta so it gives him more speed and he's been eating the tiny flakes that i gave him today and yesterday. and when i mean tiny it's like one or two little pieces since i don't know how much he was fed before I got him.

Below is a picture of my tank and my set up in the picture I do not have the hammock in the tank, but it is located on the left side of the tank and the suction cup is just a about .5 inch below the water line because i had it higher before and he would swim weird across the leaf because of his top fin was too close to the top of the water.
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That's pretty normal.

I would look for some tall bushy plants that reach all the way to the top. The only time my guys rest on plants is when they have flat broad leave near the top.. though the hammock does that in a small way. My guy slept in this cluster when he was in a 5g:'re really bushy, go all the way to the top and the middle one (though you can't see it) is full of round flat leaves like the hammock. Anything like this he might like. A word of caution though, there are plastic bits without silk on them that need to be cut because they snagged my HM. Your plants look nice and there's no reason to remove them but they're either too short or too narrow for him to have interest in laying on them, imho, though the lower one he may eventually show some interest in.

He probably does see himself.. you might try removing the paper and see it if helps at all. More plants against the back might help him more, or he may just need some more time to adjust. Mine all do that for a while until they settle in.

Also as a word on caution, the metal in that hammock needs to be removed because it rusts.

I would also use a thermometer that goes in the tank as those stick on ones aren't too accurate.
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