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Old 01-22-2013, 10:05 PM   #1 
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Unhappy Problem Betta

My setups aren't perfect I'm sure. I have (2) three 1/2 gal.special florist weight glass globes, underwater heated, no power filtration, water change 2x wk with dechol. treated water aged in special containers, ph 7, heat constant 78. Silk plants. The 'Problem Betta' is 'Nijinsky', an indigo and white deltatail, large male who is also very active building bubble nests. Unfortunately, he seems to cause the demise of every very healthy betta who has been placed in the adjacent globe, BUT he's not overdoing the display or otherwise overtly harassing them (and they're on a shelf right near my work desk so I observe them all the time). All three 'Diaghilevs' placed next to him have gradually stopped eating after a day or two and wasted away. (food: brine shrimp, blood worms and I do try betta pellets which nobody has ever eaten) I skim the water surface of uneaten food about 10 min. after feeding, religiously. Tonight I put a cardboard visual separation between the two tanks, hoping to save Diaghilev #3 (a gorgeous, immature DT). I am so sad.
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Hey there,
Your water change routine sounds fine and you said that your tanks are heated so I cannot understand what the problem can be though I doubt t has anything to do with Nijinsky. Try leaving the cardboard between his tank and the bettas but honestly even if he was flaring a lot that would not kill the betta next door.....

You said that you mainly feed them brine shrimp and bloodworms do you mean frozen? Frozen and freeze dried brineshrimp have very limited nutritional value and should only be offered as an occasional treat. Fish are unable to digest the casings of bloodworms which means that they too are not a suitable diet for bettas and can only be offered as an occasional treat.

The only way to provide a stable nutritionally balanced diet for your betta is to feed them pellets. Some bettas dislike cheap pellets as they are poor quality so I would recommend changing the brand of pellets that you use. Even if the pellets you offered them are not cheap ones a different brand could still make all the difference. Also you need to let your fish get hungry when you offer them the pellets for example if they refuse the pellets don't go and feed them bloodworms/brineshrimp straight away otherwise they will just wait for the good stuff.

Sort of like offering a child their dinner and if they don't want it just give them lollies/chocolate instead

Goodluck with your bettas, hope they are all doing well soon
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Your setups sound fine. And I agree with Veggiegirl - I don't think Nijinsky is causing the demise of his neighbors.

Have you put all three Diaghilev's into the same bowl? If so, did you disinfect the bowl after #1 and #2 died? If not, maybe there is something in the bowl that's harming them.

And, as Veggiegirl mentioned, pellets are a good food source for them. The ones most recommended on this site seem to be New Life Spectrum (NLS) and Omega One Betta Buffet.

When you say that they wasted away after a day or two -- does this mean that you've only had them 1-2 days before they've died? Or did you have them longer, and they seemed ill for 1-2 days before dying?
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blu the betta
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im sorry for your loss.
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Old 01-22-2013, 11:23 PM   #5 
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Do you have any ornaments in the other tank that could be leeching something toxic into the water and killing your fish?
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Old 01-23-2013, 06:51 AM   #6 
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Thanks everybody, esp. about the pellets vs. shrimp & worms as giving a kid candy for dinner everynight!!! And here I was just trying to give them what they wante!!! Today I'm going to withhold food (I know you're supposed to do that for a variety of reasons, but I'm an overprotective papa I guess.) Then, their pellets tomorrow. Thanks for all comments. No ornaments, plants all purchased from aquarium store at the same time, and no 'Diaghilev' has lasted more than a week, overall. Nijinsky has been with me for three months...same supplier (Petco-which has a 30day warranty, so $$ hasn't been the issue--just hate to see fish die!) Cardboard's still up & today's a fast day, water change tomorrow, will use boiling water to disinfect Diaghilev's tank. Or is there some other means? I'm starting to call Nijinsky 'Alpha Beta', it fits!
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Could you take a picture of your tank set up so that we can see it? Maybe there is something that can be adjusted or advice that can be given with the help of a visual.
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