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Medication Questions

Hi, for anyone familiar with my situation this is in regards to my dear newly acquired Pascal, the doubletail butterfly cambodian. Here is his situation for those who are curious.

Went to the LFS yesterday, the employees there are pretty familiar with me and my situation. A guy who usually serves me explained that he had a very similar situation to me once and that he used a product like Betta Revive which worked, so I bought some and tried it yesterday night. This morning Pascal is now showing stress lines that weren't there previously, so I am discontinuing treatment immediately and doing a 100% water change.

I bought some treatments that I've seen recommended around these forums and was wanting to ask something.

I got API stress coat, Kordon Fish Protector, and Tetra Parasite Guard.

With stress coat, do I use this in addition to my current water conditioner (Tetra Aquasafe Plus), or do I use it in place of it?

If anyone has some wisdom aside from this, that is welcome as well.

Edit: Oh, and they aren't arriving until Saturday. I had to buy online.
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I would use it in place of the other water conditioner
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You don't need to add both API Stress Coat and Tetra Aquasafe Plus. Both of them remove chlorine and chloramines and neutralize heavy metals in tap water.

Looks like you got lots of advice on your other thread. I hope he's feeling better soon!
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Yeah me too... he's back at the bottom again; had spent the last 2 days at the top. I keep checking to make sure he's still breathing whenever I have to leave for class or other obligations... still not eating, not even bloodworms no matter how I try. They don't have live food at my LFS, or rather they have the eggs to grow my own but that seems pretty impossible in a college dorm. I'll just have to hope he makes it until Sunday.
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