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Exclamation Setting up my first Quarantine, help please.

So, my fish has acquired what looks like popeye, and it's been advised I quarantine him. I did some googling about what I need and a couple concerns present themselves..

QT Tank Checklist:
A tank 1-2 gallon
Filter (Sponge recommended)
Light Source
Water Test Kit
Fish Net (not one used for main tank)
Hiding for Fish (such as PVC elbows)
Salts and Medicine

So I think that's all the things on the lists that are needed. The one part that really troubles me is about the filter, it speaks of prepping your filter in your main tank with BB. Well, my problem is that my tank hasn't completed its cycle, and so it's not established it's BB yet. Also, it says to do that you need to run the filter for 2 weeks in the main tank, but Prince needs to be QT now, not in 2 weeks.. What do I do about this?

My other concerns are what to do with the QT tank AFTER it is not in use. Do I still run it? Do I move the filter back to the main tank? Or would it be advisable for me to cycle is the QT tank once it is out of use?

Please let me know, I'm going to the store Friday evening. :)
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If I use a tank less than 10g for a QT I do not run a filter & if I do use a 10g, I do such frequent water changes for the sick or new fish the filter not being seeded has never been an issue. When I am done with the QT I simply break down the tank & store it. I don't have space to leave a QT tank running at all times. I put the bare minimum into the tank, I leave the bottom bare, use silk plants & add a cave or two.
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You don't need light ever.
You don't need to filter it either.
I never use fish nets. I use plastic solo cups because my fish act like i've half murdered them if I net them

It does need to be kept warm, either by floating in the main tank (2 gallon critter keepers filled half full work) or by its own separate heater. Do water changes like I outlined in your other thread.

You can keep him from getting shocked by doing it like this:

In the 50% I would suck through the gravel with a turkey baster to remove poop and half the water. I would refill it with same temp water (use tank thermometer to match running tap water) that already had conditioner added to it. I use 1 gallon water jugs like you can buy at the grocery store - rinse thoroughly before using with hot water but not soap or chems).

For the 100% he'll need to be removed. I would cup in an opaque plastic solo type cup and wrap a towel for heat. Thoroughly rinse the tank, gravel and decor but don't use soap or chems. Refill with same temp water, add conditioner, stir it up a bit then float him in the bowl an hour while slowly adding a couple tablespoons of new water to his cup every 10 minutes. Finally release, keeping as much of the old water in the cup as possible. He shouldn't show any signs of shock this way.

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Thanks so much with the advice! I'm going to get him set up tomorrow and try to get the pics posted if I can find that darn media card reader..
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