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Thread #462 on lighting - 20G

Sorry for yet another thread on the finer points of lighting for planted tanks. I have done almost a full week of research on this topic by way of various forums, webpages, etc. I have found MANY differing opinions, and I think all I've done is confuse myself worse than where I was at square one!

To break it down, I have a 20G tank (dimensions are 24" L x 12" W x 16" H). I'm looking to have a low-medium light tank. I know for a fact that the stock bulb (and possibly hood) will not work. I have found which seems to be a good choice according to some sources, and others say it's too much, while still others say it is too little.

I would like to call upon the knowledge of you fine folks :) Is the above fixture and bulbs okay for a low-medium light 20G tank? If so, should I replace the Colormax bulb for another 6500k? If not, what would you suggest?

Thank you SO much!
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Are you tech savvy in the slightest? I made a light hood with compact fluorescent bulbs for my 10 gallon heavily planted tank out of a rain gutter for less than $20 (not including bulbs, another $10 for two).

I would strongly recommend that if you do go with that hood replacing at least one of the bulbs with a 6500K bulb.

I don't know if you can have too much light. I don't have any algae problems in my 10 gallon with 26 watts, though it is quite heavily planted. Frogbit probably helps me though. It grows over the top like crazy.
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T5 bulbs give off alot of light. That fixture will prob put you in the medium to med-high light spectrum if you set the fixture ontop of the tank. You would have to suspend that about 1-2 feet over the tank to disperse the light power.
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