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Betta fish won't eat any kind of food?


I've had my betta for about over a month. At first it wouldn't eat the flakes that it came with, so I went to the store and bought some pellets. These pellets still don't seem to be appetizing to him... and then I started to get worried and went out to buy some blood worms as I read that some bettas will have that preference. (I take the food out after a couple minutes of him not eating)

I change the water once a week, and put in the water treatment (de...chlori something)

I've looked at the fish quite thoroughly and it doesn't look sick, no fin rot or discoloration.

Are there any other signs I should be looking out for to keep him healthy? It looks like he's pooping when I clean the water... not sure if that's it.
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First of all, what brand of food do you feed him/her? bloodworms can be quite bloating, so we should find some sort of pelleted food that he likes. Also, to get him to eat the pellets, you can try fasting him. (in case you don't already know, fasting is not feeding the fish for a certain amount of time) fast him for three days, then try feeding the pellets. If he still won't eat them, then fast for another three days. If he still doesn't go for it, try new life spectrum Betta pellets. (if you haven't already) new life spectrum Betta food is pre-soaked in garlic juice, which makes the food much more appealing to the fish, plus you don't have to do it yourself if the fish isn't eating.

Good luck,

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Hello ! I have Nutrafin pellets, and Nutrafin bloodworms and the flakes were just the ones that come with him.

Well, the problem is... that I've actually never seen him eat in about a month? Which is really weird... I got worried and tried to get that salt for him too just incase he was sick.

I've exhausted all of my options, but the little guy just keeps on trucking.

I've tried new foods, I bought a heater, I tried getting his attention towards the food. He's pretty active, but he just doesn't want to eat?
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What is the temperature of his tank and how big is it? If it's too cold, he may not eat, cold temps slow their metabolisms down a lot. And by cold, I mean anything below 76. Optimum temperature should be a constant temp between 76 and 82 (not fluctuating between those temps as that can be stressful, but pick a temp and leave it there - my female likes 76, my male likes 78)
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