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Selling my fighters and their homes!!

I have decided that right now, with time restraints at work i feel im not giving my fighters the needed attention they really need and as a result i have decided to sell my fighters (with tanks etc) and restart with one very good quality tank and focus my time (and money) into one tank instead spread across three.

I would LOVE these guys to go to knowledgeable people and are turning to you guys to give them great new homes.
I have put alot of money and effort into these tanks and have given these bettas a healthy home since they have been with me

I am located in SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA!

The fish (and tanks + some accessories + prices are as follows)

Arthur (Plain red veiltail)
He was my first fighter in my new apartment.
He is big and chunky and a real personality man. He is a strong fighter and is always very willing to flare at his reflection speeding around showing off.
He hasnt had any problems with his health apart from a missing tail chunk thats growing back slowly.
- 3 Gallon glass cube shaped tank (NO filter)
- White (slightly tainted blue) gravel (optional)
- Various silk plants (your choice, i have heaps)
- Thermomiter
- Heater

The lot will be sold with him for $40.
(I believe this is a good price as the tank itself cost me $60!) However i may negociate prices.

Strider (Blue and red crowntail)
He was my first betta i owned when i moved away from home.
He is also big, chunky and full of energy.
He is also the oldest of the trio being proberly 2yrs old.
He is very healthy and active, never had a problem with bloat or with his fins. Hes a real sturdy betta.
He doesnt flare much.
- 3 Gallon rectangle shaped tank
- Option of two filters. Both generic branded, please ask about them so i can dig them up and give more information.
- White (without being tainted) gravel (optional)
- Various silk plants (your choice)
- Heater

His set will be sold for $30

And lastly is Sherlock (White dragon butterfly halfmoon?)
He is fairly new, being the youngest of the three.
He was fairly lame when he was bought, but flourished with warm water and good care.
His fins are still a little tattered and its unknown if they will ever reach full glory but he is a very happy, energetic and healthy betta becides that!
He is a good show off and will flare great!
- 3 Gallon cube shaped tank
- Natural colourd pebbles
- Variety of silk plants
(This tank DOES HAVE a heater in it but i have deiced to keep at least one heater for possible use further on)

His set will be $40 (alot of effort has gone into healing this fish! )

Please guys, feel free to email me with any questions, I will be posting PHOTOS TOMORROW of each tank.
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