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You can also try Aluminium foil on the lid. I hear they don't like that material.
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And That's like the best story ever, OFL.
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I have a cat and two bettas. She knows they are there but I have their tanks on wall mounted shelves that she can't get to. She lays on my bed and watches them from across the room though. And when I clean the tanks in the bathroom sink she sits on the toilet lid and watches but never tries to get them. She is well behaved when it comes to the bettas.
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Originally Posted by Oldfishlady View Post
I am a cat nut and fish/Betta have 29 cats and 18 aquariums (not counting the small tanks) All or most of my aquarium are open top-my cats use some of the tanks to drink from and love to sit on the big filters I have on my big tanks to drink and watch the fish. I have never had any problems with the cats catching any fish from the tanks and the fish follow them around. I think the cats might feed the cats drink from the tanks I think they might drop trapped kibble bits in the tank and now the fish associate the cats with funny watching all the fish gather at the top when a cat approaches-drinking and sticking its paws in the water-especially on the lower rack with a tank full of Betta juvies. I have watched the fish jump and hit them a few times and the cat runs away-wondering what just
The only problem I have had with cats and tanks-is the cats knocking a small tank over. This has only happened a couple of times.
On one they knocked over last year-I didn't find it until nearly 8 hours later and oddly enough the Betta was still alive and even went on the spawn a few weeks later. I don't normally name my fish since I have so many-but this guy was named "Lucky Hairy" since he was lucky and covered in cat
Lol. That is amazing! I am no longer worried....Yay my two favorite types of pets can live in peace!
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My oldest kitty, Friski, is aware that there is a betta in the room but couldn't care less about it. But she's also not a hunter. It really depends on the cat because my other kitty, Tiger, loves to watch him and would jump on the chance to snatch herself a little fishy snack.
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