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If you having disease related issues with your bettas, adding NEWly purchased live bearers will make matters worse without QTing them.

I find LB fish tend to be worse health-wise than the individually cupped bettas because they're all kept in the SAME tank without the medicated blue water. Genetically I think gups/plats/neons are worse off too.

Keep in mind, these are from my experiences. You may have different view on their instincts. But even with dense jungle like live plant cover & 3x the required filtration, these things wouldn't stop FREAKING out whenever I came near them. 6 females 2 contrasting colorful males.

All of my guppies died about 40 days after I bought them. For some reason, they NEVER bred. Most of them started to develop curved spines & then started to pinecone during their final weeks. A few of them held on for a good 2-3 weeks after showing strange symptoms.

Removing these sick easily spooked fish with the net was a true test of my patience.

Whatever the guppies had, my bettas didn't catch it, so I'm pretty happy about that.

I never liked the skittish guppy behaviors, so I'm glad they're gone.

Oh yeah.... the guppies didn't like the male bettas, the long finned ones usually got nipped.

My female bettas beat down & tore up any guppy that tried to nip.

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This is just my two cents, so take it with a grain of salt.

I think you should restart your 29, after you've cleaned it out really well and it has been completely dry for a week or more. Although I don't usually recommend this, you can do a fish-in cycle. It will be a ton of work though. Or, if you are comfortable with where your fish are now residing, you can fishlessly cycle. But I worry that will take too much time. If you do the fish in, I'd advise you use seachem stability to help the cycle along, and test daily/do water changes as needed.

DO NOT add any more fish than what you have. These survivors have established themselves as hardy, and you don't want to be introducing new germs into any tank right now. Make sure, when you set up the tank, that you have LOTS (did I say LOTS?) of tall plants, fake or real, and a lot of decor with hiding spots. Plants are also awesome. Make it kinda crazy. Then everybody can hide if necessary. Break up lines of sight. Floating plants with long roots (Frogbit, water lettuce) are wonderful for this.

You may have to make do with less bettas than you hoped for, but you have to maintain both the health of your existing fish and your sanity.
I wish I was near you, I'd be over there helping you out!!

I'm gonna post some pics of my sorority, and you can see what I mean by crazy-decorated. Hope this helps.
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Originally Posted by PapaJon View Post
At night, i will check on the tank and female VT Francine is chasing one of the mollies around. I usually put her in a timeout and put one of my males in, they seem more chill than the females for some reason. So all the action could be happening while you're sleepin!
You should never put a male betta in a female's tank or vice versa, the pheremones will make them stressed.
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