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A Late Introduction :)

Hello! My name is Bridget. :)

For those who have spotted me around, I kind of joined here in a rush to save a new betta I had acquired that I named Pascal. Unfortunately I was unable to save him from illness, and he passed on. I have since then invested in a new betta, armed with better knowledge than before in regards to how to spot a healthy betta at the pet store. I also had an employee at my LFS help me this time around with picking out a healthy, active guy.

I've loved bettas ever since I was a young tween. My dad had a 2g drum bowl (which I now currently own) and we had a betta, Samurai Jack, a frog, Frogger, and another fish, Captain, that I don't know the breed of (holy crap so overstocked!!) They were all happy and so cute. We had a bubbler in the tank and Jack would like to play in the bubbles all the time. My dad and I really love "exotic" animals much to the disdain of my mom. :) He taught me a lot on how to care for fish, I remember him explaining to me how to do water changes and using conditioner to get all the chlorines and heavy metals out. We would feed live bloodworms to the fishies every so often and watch them go nuts! Eventually my dad inherited a bigger tank from his friend, well after the trio had died. We kept a school of neon tetras and a goldfish together (this was way before the internet became such a great tool to me... my dad is still computer illiterate, and we only had fish store employees to rely upon).

Fast forward to NOW! I am a university student living in dorms, and I really love having animals around me both because animals are awesome and because having them around eases my depression cycles. I have a well-planted 5g on my desk, and a 2g drum bowl to my left on a "custom" stand I made (we had an old 1.5 foot "spool" looking thing in the garage, and I tied an old sheet around it to make it look pretty).

Just yesterday I acquired my Felix and acclimated him to my 5g. Unfortunately during that time, I left the lid open and left the room to continue cleaning out my 2g bowl (where Pascal had died) and in that time my African Dwarf Frog, Cocoa, had jumped out... when I came back into the room I found him and put him in my 2g to QT him, and he died overnight. :( I'm usually always present in the room when the lid is open, but I had Felix in his baggy and didn't want to close the lid and get the sharpie-written price on the baggy into the water. Le sigh...

Well, I suppose I'll post some pictures and stats about my tank. :)

My 5 gallon tank:
Currently in there is Felix, he was labeled as a half moon betta. He is very beautiful, I have never seen a betta look quite like him. Here is a picture of him flared up in his baggy, and here is a picture after a couple hours of him getting used to his new home. And this is him getting up to the glass to curiously examine my camera. :)

This is Ruthie, my nerite snail. Here is a better look at her gorgeous shell.

This was Cocoa. :( I will miss him and his goofy antics. Later today I'll be getting a new little guy. If he plays nice with Felix, who was playing very nice with Cocoa, then he will get to live in the spacious 5g. Otherwise he will have to take refuge in the 2g.

Here is my 2g bowl:
I originally used this to QT Pascal when he was sick. After he passed on I cleaned it out and gave everything a good rinse. I replaced the filter in my 5g with one that has a much softer flow, and put the old one in my 2g since it is empty... and since I have nowhere to put the old one... and because the water got pretty stagnant smelling last time, even with frequent water changes.

I'm thinking, if my next frog gets along well with Felix and stays in the 5g, then maybe I will put a shrimp colony in the 2g. I need ideas for a small filter for the 2g, not because I really *need* it but because I feel like if the water isn't moving whatsoever then it gets stagnant and the plants STINK it up big time.

Anyways, there is my (lengthy) introduction. I'm happy to be a part of the community.
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Welcome to Bettas R Us!
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Welcome to the forum and to the wonderful world of Betta keeping....

Nice to meet you....

Lots of different ways to keep, breed and rear fry successfully-its finding what works for you, your breeders(if you plan to breed) and what you have on hand....

Be sure and post questions in the proper section for best response-We have lots of members ready and willing to help....(We encourage lots of questions so don't hesitate to ask and start new threads)

Enjoy your stay....
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I think you may have caught the wrong thread. :P
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