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Old 01-28-2013, 02:57 PM   #1 
Newbettamommy13's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2013
Location: Love Street
Question Flaring???

As you may (or may not) know, I've had little Mojo for a little over 3 weeks. I just got back from being in Vegas for a whole weekend and little Mojo is not used to having me gone for more than 1 day, he didn't do this when I first saw him after coming home but this morning I went to see him and say hello and he looked at me and his gills puffed out a bit but his fins didn't spread all out as you often see in flaring bettas. After a couple seconds his gills went back to normal and he kinda swam around a bit as if doing a little dance but never saw his fins go all out. This still considered flaring? and if he is, could it be because I've been gone?
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Old 01-28-2013, 03:05 PM   #2 
Hershey's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: Potato
Yeah, possibly! Your fish could've been like: "Where've you been?!"
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Old 01-28-2013, 03:17 PM   #3 
Saphira101's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2012
Location: Washington, United States
Merlin did that too. I take it as kind of an "I love you" thing :)
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Old 01-28-2013, 05:57 PM   #4 
Myates's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2011
It was flaring.. he didn't recognize you/your shape right away - bettas who have no contact with other bettas/people for any extended time usually gets a little more aggressive for a bit.

He'll be fine.. at least all yours did was flare - when I had my surgery and wasn't at my desk daily one of my boys who sits here with me ate all his fins for the first time >.< He got fed, but no one was around to play with him and he got stressed/upset.
That was over a year ago and he still takes out his fins if he gets displeased.
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Old 01-28-2013, 06:41 PM   #5 
sainthogan's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: Red River, NM
My female does that every time she sees me. Just puffs her gills out and dances, almost like she's saying hello. It's very non-aggressive. Believe, there is a HUGE difference in this and her aggressive behavior. She's very aggressive and will go into full blown flare and attack mode very quickly if there's something in or around her tank she's not pleased with!
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betta flare, flaring, mojo, veiltail, vt male

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