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5 gallon heated bowl needs algae control

I am looking for an addition to my 5 gallon heated bowl that can help control the algae.

The bowl stays about 78degrees, fully planted with java fern and houses a half moon betta and an african dwarf frog.

Any suggestions????
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A ghost shrimp is pretty much all you can safely add without overpopulating.
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A single nerite snail (you can get them on ebay) will do the job. Ghost shrimp are not as effective for eating algae.
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I agree about the nerite snail. They can be great cleaners. I say "can" because I have two, and one devours algae and will eat all the algae in his section of the tank (It's a divided tank) while the other nerite in the other section just leaves little squiggly lines through the algae. lol
But they don't get big and they have a low bioload compared to other types of snails.
You might be able to find them in your area. It took me a while but one day I just called a bunch of pet stores/fish stores in my area and found a place that sold nerites and had them in stock. One place I called said they had them in stock but then she said, "Salt water, right?" and I said "no, freshwater." So she said, "No we don't have any." So make sure you specify freshwater if you're calling local stores to find them. But ebay works too... you'll just have to pay for shipping which can get expensive for living things.

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Ghost shrimp are food for the betta and probably frogs. I wouldn't ad them.

Nerites 100% love algae!!
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