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Some questions about new betta

Hey! I got my new betta Felix on Friday after Max has passed away.. Anyway, I was wanting to ask if you see any problem, so I can help him. Right now he's in a 5 gallon tank with a heater on 26 Celsius, I'm feeding him flakes and he gladly eats them. He's swimming a lot, I don't know if it's good or bad. He's slightly bloated, because I haven't found the right amount yet. I decided to do 50% water changes on Wednesdays and 100% on Saturdays.

What do you think?
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So sorry you lost Max. Felix looks great so pretty love the shine on his body. Does your tank have a filter ? You really dont have to do a 100 percent water change, I would just leave enough water in the tank when you do a water change to cover him at least so you dont have to take him out of the tank each time doing a 100 percent. It is kinda hard to control the amount you give with flakes, you could change over to Betta pellets so you can control better how much he gets. Best of wishes to you and Felix !!!
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If you have no filter then 1 50% per week with 1 100% monthly would do. If you do have a filter then skip the 100% all together - the tank looks smaller than 5 gallons though to be honest.

Perseus is correct, would try to get him onto pellets - New Life Spectrum or Omega One would be ideal.. make sure to remove any uneaten food after feeding to avoid fouling the water.

Otherwise, he looks good and healthy.
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Originally Posted by Myates View Post
Perseus is correct, would try to get him onto pellets - New Life Spectrum or Omega One would be ideal.
100% agree!
I use sponge filters in my tanks which cycle the tank and I only have to do one 50% water change a week. You can find my article on sponge filters in the habitat thread.
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