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Help with female betta

Kinda confused. I thought females couldn't or didn't blow bubble nests. Well my female (told was a plakat but someone here says she looks to be a veiled tailed betta) has some bubbles in her setup like a bubble nest only nowhere near as big.

Anyhow, I am curious about her eating behavior. When I got her like a week ago, she did not eat 1 SINGLE bite of food (using freeze dried bloodworms for energy and conditioning) so I waited, tried feeding her, still nothing. Well today, I noticed she was eating quite rapidly and so I have kept adding small amounts at a time after it was gone for like 5 minutes.

Do females that are full of eggs typically go off of food for awhile or was it due to the move? Now my males are not really eating either....Is it just part of them wanting to spawn? My veil tail isn't really building a nest (hes the larger of my 2 males and bigger than my female) but my crown tail has a nice nest coming along but he is smaller than my female....Should I breed my female with my veil tail or crown tail?

No name (veil tail) isn't showing interest in her, but Pearl (crown tail) is showing interest in Peach (female)

Heres pics of them all...
Name:  2013-01-30_10.18.24.jpg
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Name:  2013-01-30_10.17.15.jpg
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Name:  2013-01-30_10.19.02.jpg
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(does she look like a plakat or a veil tail?)
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shes vt, her fins are too long to be a pk girl. Some girls do blow nests and put their own unfertilized eggs into it haha.
My girls dont go off their food, maybe but was the move, did you change her food? If a betta isnt used to the food then its pretty hard to convince them to give it a go

No matter who you breed her to you will get vts, if you choose the ct guy then you may get some with a bit of webbing reduction, but not enough to make ct
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Awesome. Thanks for the help. I hope she doesn't lay them quite yet. Just gotta wait a few more days til the tank is 100% set up! Does my ct look to be too small to breed with her? I just worry about if I go with the vt as like I said, he seems to have no interest in her or spawning right now.
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If you intend to breed you should read all the stickies and make sure you condition your pair for two weeks first. Also know with veiltail offspring it will be hard to find them homes as not many people want them since HM, DT, and PK are more exciting to own and all the rage these days. Also make sure you understand how to cull and have a way to cull your babies, with vt lines you may even want to cull down to only 30 fish so if you have 300 to 400 spawn (normal) then cull to about 40-30 so you have less fish to find homes for. Also cull down to your best, less ratty looking tails.

Also bloodworms shouldn't be used for conditioning, they are junk food like popcorn. Feed brine shrimp, black worms, or mosquito larva. Two weeks to condition no less than that, also how big is your spawning tank? What do you have in it? How are you introducing your pair?

Also what are you breeding plans, what are you goals?

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Oh also what size growout tank do you have setup up for the fry?
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Frozen bloodworms are great to condition with, and a lot of breeders use them.. freeze dried is more of the "snack variety", frozen foods are great, live even better.. but frozen bloodworms are highly recommended, along with brine shrimp, daphnia, tubifex worms, etc.

A lot of breeders don't condition two weeks - some just a few days is all they need.. most tend to condition for a week - 10 days. Depends on how fast your female becomes ready and how you condition, what you feed, etc.
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