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When swaping out old filter, do we rinse new filter in old tank water?

I wanted to know if there was a specific way to change the filters. For example, do I rinse it in old tank water before I put it on? ...or do I even rinse it at all? Itís a carbon filter, and it says to replace every month.

I have a 2 gallon tank at the moment (will upgrade to a 10 in 2 months) with 3 Ping-Pong-sized Marimo Moss Balls and a small Anubia plant.

I am not cycling at the moment since I assume the tank is too small to do it correctly so I currently do 2 - 50% wc a week. The only reason I don't do a 100% is because of the live plants.
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Since you have active growing live plants and a filter-you don't need to make 100% water changes IMO/E.

As for the filter media-IMO/E-you don't need the carbon-especially since you have plants. I don't change out filter media until its falling apart. If you do want to use carbon, you will need to change this per package direction since the carbon is short lived. In a 2gal with live plants-you could safely swap out the filter media regardless of cycling in a 2gal since you are already making twice weekly 50%(recommended). Or you could cut a slit in the filter media and dump the used up carbon out-give the filter media a good rinse in either old tank water or dechlorinated water-this needs to be done a couple of times a month to maintain the filter media.

Also, you are cycling the tank-you just didn't know it....It happens on its own-provided that the needs of the beneficial bacteria are met...That being-something organic (Betta, plant, fish food) Oxygen (filter, plants) and surface area (tank walls, decorations, substrate, plants, filter media)
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