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HELP! Which plant package is a better deal??

Hi I found two plant package deals, but i do not know which one should i get =<, I want to make a 10g jungle for my girls. Its gonna be sand, mid light, no co2, with fertilizer (seachem i was recommended)

Package 1 - $40
Trim Package:
~9 x Ludwigia repens x arcuata (colorfull)
~5 x Rotala 'Bangladesh'
~4 x Hygrophila corymbosa Angustifolia
~2 x Hygrophila corymbosa 'Kompakt' (smaller, but full and rooted)
~5 x Echinodorus tenelus (gets to be 12", might actually be some wierd Sag, see my thread, rooted runners)
~3 x Clinopodium Brownei (breaks off easily in transit, shorter tops)
~3 x Italian Vals (younger runners, guessing ~8-12")
~1 x Red Tiger Lotus (small or medium)
whatever else looks good at the moment
---> $40 Shipped

Package 2 - 30
a. 3 x 4” Ludwigia glandulosa
b. 5 x Rotala indica
c. 5 Bacopa Carolina
d. 1 TENNIS BALL- size of clean JAVA MOSS – I’ll be generous
e. 3 small Crypts Wendtii
f. 1 Java Fern
g. 2 Hygrophilia polysperma
h. 2 HUGE – ludwigia repens
i. BONUS – screte plants (lots and lots)
All for $30 shipped.

Please help me decide!
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the second one... unless you have a large tank.
Also depends on how you wanted to plant your tanks...
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