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betta rookie 76
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Help needed for betta fry

Hello I am new to the exciting betta world. I have 4 male crown tail bettas and 4 female bettas. One male about 2 weeks ago starting acting different. He would swim to the surface and them would be on the bottom of the tank as if his tail was too heavy. About a week ago a second male betta starting acting the same way even though they are on different tanks. I read about swimm bladder disease and gave them peas, made the water temperature warmer, used epson salt, and made several water exchanges in their tanks. One of them, came out of it, but the other did not. I also have 65 betta babies, 1.5 months old that have started to act the same way, as well as an adult female. What causes swim bladder disease? Is it nutritional, a lack of calcium, vitamins? Can the food I am feeding them make them sick? My water temperature in the tanks is about 22Celcius. Please help!!!
Thanks. Betta rookie 76
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Most of them form what I have seen swim bladder problems are caused by poor water quality and/or stress. Being that oyu did get them to breed, the water had to be in okay condition but it may have deteriorated on one way or another. A lack of a varied diet could be the cause of the stress also so it doesn't neccessarily mean water quality.

What are your parameters?
Ammonia, nitrites, nitrates?

Try to make sure to feed them a wide variety of foods:
Peas, live foods, pellets, and whatever else you can find for them. Remember live food in moderation with flakes and pellets as a staple with peas and vegetable matter 2-3 times a week.
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Try upping the temp too - 22 degrees C is a little low for bettas: 26 is better :)
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try increasing the temp, I think 22 is too low.
and also one of the major causes of SBD is what they eat. overfeeding usually is the culprit with the beginner. as for the fry, eating bbs shells can cause SBD as well.
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