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He's a gorgeous color. I hope you can fix whatever the problem is.
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I am glad he's looking better now that you started the treatment with API fungus cure.

Among the causes of this disease may be high nitrite levels, rapid increase of water temperature, low oxygen etc. Is your tank cycled? You said it's a new fish... What about the tank? Is it also new? And it is small to be properly cycled... Maybe you should test your water. Also, it is very possible he got this disease while he was shipped.

Did you change the water on the third day? If not, do it today. Remove 50% of the water, then in the new water add 50% of API fungus cure dosage. Also, I would lower the water temperature to 76. This has to be done very slowly, not to stress the fish, no more than 1 degree/hour. One degree in a few hours would be even better. Decreasing water temperature will slow the growth of this bacteria. You can also increase aeration, as oxygen will provide conditions less suitable for it. If it possible to increase it and not bothering your betta, then do it, if not, keep it this way.

P.S. Don't forget to remove the activated carbon from filter during treatment.
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Blazer betta
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I have been extremely busy So I have been unable to post. But I have changed the water like suggested and I had removed the carbon filter before adding the medicine like the box suggested. The tank is also new only a little over a week old so its not properly cycled yet so I think that probably contributed to the fungus im going to keep a close eye on the tank for a couple more weeks.

I would say he has almost made a 100 percent recovery the patches are almost all but gone and he is back to his normal energetic self!! :))

Thanks everyone for the posts, helped get my boy back to health.
Also thanks for the compliment on his color I love it to.
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I am really happy he is healthy again now. :) He is lucky to have such a good owner.

Make sure you keep the parameters of the water under control. Frequent changes will do that. Best solution is to buy a test kit so that you would know exactly if you have to change it sooner than the regular schedule or not. Keep in mind that too many water changes can stress the fish, so you need to get the right moment for each of them.

Now that he is healthy again, you should try a little change in his feeding as I mentioned before, giving him one feeding per week bloodworms. + one fasting day per week. Also, take into account that tetra betta pellets are not too good, maybe you should find some pellets whose main ingredients are whole fish, instead of fish meal or even worse, wheat. New Life Spectrum Betta Formula and Omega One Betta Buffet are the most appreciated among betta owners.

I also think he has a really nice color. You're lucky to have him and he's lucky to have you too. :) Beautiful betta.
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fungal disease, sick betta

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