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Help, cloudy water & missing fins in a Fluval Chi

I am in need of help. I have posted before and was very appreciative of the help I received and tried to make the necessary changes however I things are the same and/or getting worse.

First, I purchased a Fluval Chi in late November. I filled it with spring water (conditioned) and cycled (fishless with food) for 5 days before adding our lone Betta. Things were great for about three weeks then I started to experience cloudy water. I had done one water change in that three weeks and it was about 25%. When the water became cloudy I read the book that came with the tank it and said to do weekly 25% changes so I started to do that. Quickly the water went from just plain old cloudy to milky looking. I researched the internet and went to Petsmart...they said I overcleaned it. At that time I switched to conditioned tap water, and added API Stress Zyme per the stores instruction and waited a week, things looked better but after time it just went back to cloudy. Someone on her said to add Seachem Stabilizer which I have been doing, it is not working either. I have added attachments of my tank when it started and my tank now. I have a background on it now which is green so it's kinda making it look as though I have green water which I don't. It's just so cloudy you can't see from one side ot the other.

My other issue is my poor Bettas fins, they are shredded as you can see. I don't know why, I am not thinking it's the plants although they are plastic I tried the pantyhose test on them before adding and they are not sharp enough to snag them. I sorta feel that he might be getting stuck on the box that houses the filter but I am not sure. I never see him hanging around there too much but twice I have seen him swimming under there...thinking I might need to baffle it but don't know how.

I have tested the water, with the API Freshwater master test kit and all of my parameters were right where they should be with the exception of my PH, that was high so I changed the water at 50% and will retest again today.

Can anyone help me get this right?
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How long do you have the lights on each day? Are you vacuuming the substrate well each water change? Personally I do 50%+ weekly water changes with no harm to cycle, fish or plants. I don't see a 25% weekly water change as over cleaning. If my water were cloudy like yours I would probably do 2 50% water changes until it cleared up. What are your exacty water parameters (ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, ph)? If your tank is cycled, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrItes & <20 nitrAtes there is no need to add Stability so I would stop with that. I would only add Prime or another quality water conditioner, there's no need to overdo it IMO. I don't have a Chi so I'm not familiar with the filter to be able to advise on that. IMO, his fins look nipped on.
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Ideally you should be doing about 50% a week with just water conditioner in it - vacuuming the substrate each time. Your tank is trying to cycle, so cloudy water is normal - but you need to keep up on the water changes. Testing the water and doing additional changes whenever you see ammonia present in the test while your tank is cycling. It can take a few weeks before it settles down and goes away.. but have to keep up on the weekly water changes, and then some during the cycle (which lasts anywhere from 6-8 weeks).

As mentioned before, it looks like he is eating his own fins- which is common with these guys - happens from stress, too strong of a water current from the filter or a nervous habit.
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