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Old 01-14-2014, 08:53 PM   #101 
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those are lucky fish that got out of walmart.
luckily around my area our walmarts don't sell fish any more
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Here is Butters:

Day I got him, he was one of 3 left. And he was the only one of those 3 to make it out alive :( :

And today, he has a beautiful blue sheen now. I love it.

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It's horrible what some of these fish have been through, but I'm glad they have good homes now. :) This is my walmart "rescue" Craig
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I keep nagging and complaining every time our Walmart falls behind on caring for bettas. After some of the horrors I've seen there, I couldn't stay quiet. They've actually been doing a good job lately but the last time that happened, things went right back downhill. I'll leave notes by the fish and send in many complaints when things get bad.
But I have 4 bettas here that were saved from Walmart.
Then 3 that have passed away from Columnaris that I bought from Walmart.
Diablo (CT) was my very first betta. I kept a watch on him for awhile at Walmart. I could slowly see him dying in that cup. I told my fiance the one day that if he is still there, I'm bringing him home. Sure enough, we went grocery shopping and there he was. I picked up a tank and mr. grumpy gills started my betta addiction. Haha.
The second betta I went for was a VT we named Tyreal. Beautiful boy but he passed away within a day or two of Columnaris.
Casta (VT) and Alistair (VT) were rescued due to my little sister. They were the only two left and their water conditions were awful. She said we couldn't just leave them there so they both live with me now.
Blackbeard (CT), was one of two bettas that I didn't want to just leave in the conditions he was in. I picked up him and another boy that we never named (VT). The unnamed one, sadly, passed away from a mixture of Columnaris and ammonia poisoning that he just couldn't seem to get over.
Another boy I picked up was Ezio (CT). It was rare to see fish of his color, at the time, so I bought him. He passed away from what I'm guessing was also Columnaris. Not entirely sure though.

I swore that I will not support Walmart and their bettas. So I try my damndest to just walk away when I see a new shipment in. Makes me feel heartless but the more bettas that are bought, the more Walmart is going to bring in once that shipment is gone.

[Pic order:
Diablo--Casta and Alistair when we first brought them home--Alistair--Casta--Blackbeard when I first brought him home--Blackbeard--Tyreal--Unnamed VT--Ezio]
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