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Just a note on those biospheres: the shrimp do die off. It's not as self-sustainable as they try to suggest. Don't worry - the idea is massively attractive and I once asked a similar question! :)

The closest thing you can get to a self-sustaining fish tank would be something like OldFishLady's Natural Planted Tanks. She only does water changes about four times per year, which sounds pretty good to me! :)
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Originally Posted by waterdog View Post
I have noticed over time Myates and I seldom agree on much, unfortunately, but in this instance I totally agree with him
lol we have our own ways :) I've learned over the past 20 yrs, and have done tons of research on proper care/diseases/etc. So I'm pretty set in my ways I try not to be mean... but can be rather blunt when recommending something. But it's all good.. no qualms with disagreeing on certain subjects! Just as long as deadly advice isn't being given, I'm cool
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Originally Posted by Quills View Post
I want to create something where I do not have to change water at all, and will just have to add water as it evaporates. Also sorry for a long list, but I just want opinions, I really need some setup where I can build everything right, and never have to change anything ever again.

Here are the list of items I am planning to use.

Fish tank:
My coworker has it, and it is amazing I want it! I intend to leave the top of mine completely open to have water evaporate.

For surface: ($14.99)
Very low current and is amazing filter, have been using it for a while and it is amazing!
For ground: ($26.39 + $9.99)
Never used it, but it will be necessary.

For surface: ($12.99)
No matter what anyone says this little thing is the most amazing heater I have ever seen, and is highly reliable. I use it for my 5 gallon and it works perfectly! Also it is just for the surface.
For ground: ($29.99)
This is just more powerful one, that way I am ensured even distribution.
Thermometer: ($2.99)

Air pump: ($8.99)
I currently have rena air, and it is good, but produces craploads of noise, I need something queter, and am open to suggestions.
Aeration: ($29.99)
This thing is very cool I like it a lot and am planning to put it at the very back of the tank.

For plants: ($29.99 + $29.99)
I had these for a year now, and they look very stylish and are at the same time very good at growing plants.
For nighttime: ($16.99 + $10.99 + $10.99 + $10.99)
I actually own these, and they are truly amazing!

My Betta only likes long stringy plants without any big leaves.
5 of these ($3.99 * 5)
And 3 of these ($3.99 * 3)
And 3 of these ($6.99 * 3)

My Betta does use this. So did my deceased cat fish.
My ghost shrimp and my Betta do not like hiding places at all, I have tried with so many different setups, but my ghost shrimp does love climbing them and sitting at the top.
And for gravel a mix of these

I use all these every time I add water.
1 ml per gallon:
2 ml per gallon:
5 ml per gallon:
And I always drop one tiny piece of aquarium salt. And I mean just one tiny piece, as in a small tiny fragment 1~2 mm in size.

My Betta of course! (Male)
One swordtail (Male):
One ghost shrimp (Male):
And two oto catfish (Male):

I will have the surface heater and the tank at the back left hand side on the top of the fish tank, and my ground filter and heater at the back right hand side on the bottom of the fish tank. I will use the decorations to try and cover up the ground filter, and plants to try and cover up the surface filter. By cover up I mean just block from the view. And my aeration will go on the very back bottom middle of the tank. And the three night lights will be just randomly scattered throughout the tank.
Waste control:
With two filter, chemicals, plants and 3 fish cleaning, I think that there will be minimal waste remaining. That would allow me for 25% change weekly. If anyone has any idea of how to reduce it to zero water change I will be absolutely happy to hear it.
Plant health:
I own 5 gallon tank with 5 plants inside, that plant gro chemical does wonders on them, and the Betta gravel by Marina also seems to help. And they will have sufficient lighting.
Fish health:
I think every fish except the catfish should be happy. I just don't know how to feed catfish, the wafers never work on them, and they only seemed to like cucumbers.
Total cost: 379.14$, considering that I own half of these items even less probably, so I am looking to spend around 200$ most likely.

Will the setup work?
Is there any changes that I can make to completely get rid of any water change at all and just add water as it evaporates?
Any other chemicals to add to treat water as I add it?
Any suggestions or ideas?
Also am open to suggestions for air pump, because I need super quiet one.
no need for 3 filters lol! That poor fish will be tossed like a ragdoll!
Also, you will ALWAYS need to clean the tank, there is no never!

A 5 gallon you will need to clean twice a week, one 25% and 1 50% or 100%.

Owning a fish tank is a large commitment, be ready for it!
Also, the smaller the tank, the harder it is to care for.

Good luck! Cheers!
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