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Coppersafe dosing questions

Hi all,

We've had our betta for about 3 months and he/she has what I think is Velvet. I went and got some Mardel Coppersafe tonite. I was confused on a couple of things and wanted to ask.

The bowl is small (~1g - I'm working on getting something bigger). Should I plan on doing 100% daily water changes for the next 10 days and then dose the Coppersafe each day?

Also, are the rocks and the hiding place I have in the tank now funked up with Copper? The reason that I ask is that when I get the new tank, I would like a snail and possibly a dwarf frog. Should the pebbles and anything else in the tank be kept separate for a QT setup and not put in the new tank?

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Hey there,

You may need to do some research to double check these dosages but I am pretty sure that they are accurate.

For the powder- 1 teaspoon treats 4 gallons (so 1/4 of a teaspoon does 1 gallon)

Or if you have the liquid- 5ml of coppersafe treats 4 gallons of water (so 1.25ml treats 1 gallon of water, you may need to use a syringe to measure 1.25ml)

A 1 gallon bowl/tank would need 100% water changes 2-3 times a week. Each time you do a 100% change rinse his bowl/tank thoroughly before retreating.

I am afraid I no not know the answers to your other questions
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I would say your deco should be fine. I used malachite green in my tank. The only thing it discolored was the sealant on the side. You might want to soak the pepples for a few days. Rinsing anything that has been in contact with fungal/bacteria infections is always good(and soaking)
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Yep, I have the liquid and the 1.25ml treats 1g of water like you said. Thankfully we had an unused syringe around. I think the directions said the dose would last for a month, but I knew I had to get some big water changes in there - I just wasn't sure of the frequency.

I know from my saltwater days that the copper can stick around long after its been dosed, so I just wasn't sure about the stuff in my tank now. I don't have THAT much in there, so worst case, I can buy new stuff for the new tank. Which is part of the fun anyway, I suppose.
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More info and photos would assure proper treatment:
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