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New 5 gallon questions?

My older sister recently gave me one of her 5 gallons! The filter was broken, so she wrote it off as unusable, but she brought it to our LFS and they got it working again, so she gave it to me. :)

I'm thinking about upgrading Patriot to it, as it has a filter which would circulate the heated water a bit more. I notice when I reach in to pick out the food he doesn't eat, there are some cold spots which he usually avoids. So I'm thinking upgrading him would be useful and he'd benefit from it.

But, he recently came down with a mild case of fin rot, which I'm treating with AQ salt. Would it be alright to switch him to the new tank with the filter and still add in the AQ salt? He's only been in the treated water for a day.

I believe the fin rot was brought on by stress since I gave him a new heater and his tank was about 4 degrees warmer than it usually was. I acclimated him right and everything, but I think it might have just been too warm too soon and I should have started out by gradually moving the temperature up over a few days than just all at once. I've turned it down since, but there are some cold spots which I doubt are helping him much.

My only concern with moving him to the filtered 5 gallon is that one, it could break again, and two, the filter might stress him out more. But the filter would also do away with the cold spots, I'm thinking... What should I do?

It's a 5 gallon hex. I'd be putting his gravel and decorations in it, to make it feel a bit more like home, and I'll be keeping the 4 gallon in case the 5's filter breaks again.

I just want to know what you guys would do and what you think I should do. The cold spots can't be good for him, but I think the filter might stress him out more. The flow isn't too strong. I'd have the intake tube covered with one of those Fluval Edge sponges that go over it, so it should slow down the flow a bit. I think it would do more good than harm, but I don't know if it's too soon to change him again or not. I just did a water change yesterday, but again, he has a bit of fin rot and I'm treating him with AQ salt, so...
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IMO I would leave him where he is untill he recovers.
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