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Exclamation Planning to rescue, need advice!!!!!!!

Hey guys, I plan to rescue a Betta some time after Pi's fin rot clears up and after I set up another 10 gallon divided. I know rescuing shouldn't be taken lightly, so I want to ask these questions:

1. Will the following items do for a rescue kit?

* Stress coat
*AQ salt
*Epsom salt
*Indian almond leaves
*Maracyn 2
*Jungle fungus care
*2 gallon petco kritter keeper with heater to function as a hospital tank
*Betta hammock

Is there anything else I'd need?

2. I've heard that I should keep the rescue's food away from the healthy fishie's food so there's no cross-contamination. Is this true? I know that I'm supposed to keep the net separate FOR SURE. Is there anything else I should keep seperate?

3. Would it be a good idea to have some sort of hide for the fish? I'd want something easily accessible, something easy to replace if I have to.

4. Are there any illnesses I should stay away from? Ich? Columnaris? Dropsy?

5. If I plan to get the fish free or discounted from the store, how should I go about doing it?

6. Is there anything special I should know about transporting the fish?

7. How long should I acclimate? Regular? Longer? Shorter?

8. How should I go about disinfecting the hospital tank after the fish is healed or dies?

9. I should probably go and learn all about disease and treatment. (okay, not probably, definitely.) Any extra tips on this?

10. is there ANYTHING else I should know about rescuing?? I want to be prepared as possible. Is there anyone here who I should talk to?

I'm sorry for the long post and all of these questions, but, as stated earlier, I know rescuing shouldn't be taken lightly. I know that how I go about rescuing is a matter of life and death for the fish. I'll be prepared if it dies. I won't expect too much.

Help is GREATLY appreciated.

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1. Seems like you have everything covered in the medication department.
2. I dont see why you should use seperate food. Unless you are putting your fingers in the sick fishes water, then putting it in the food....that might cause cross contamination, but if you arent putting your hands in his water then its not an issue.
3. You definitely want some sort of hide. If you want something cheap, get some craft mesh (Like you make dividers from) cut it to size, roll it up and then tie it with fishing line, creates a nice little cave. Plus its cheap and really simple so you could easily remove and replace anytime you need to.
4. I'd stay away from dropsy. Once they pine-cone its generally incurable, and if you were lucky enough to "cure" it, it usually ends up popping up again in 6 months. Everything else is cureable, and I dont think you should stay away from anything else, but reallyyyy be careful around columnaris, it spreads sooo easily its rediculous! I have it in 3 tanks right now after starting in a QT bowl.
5. Talk to the manager, explain to him what all is wrong with the fish (technical terms help) then say he will die within a day or two anyways, I'd really like to take him home and try to save him, but I dont want to pay full price for something that will probably end up dying. As a last resort, if they act stupid about it tell them you will call corporate about the horrible conditions they are keeping their betta in, and they will normally discount to keep you quiet. *BUT only say anything about corporate as a last resort, dont want to get on the managers bad side if possible!)
6. Nahh, as long as you keep splashing to a minimum and dont turn corners too fast they'll be fine. I normally keep them in my cupholder, or in a plastic bag so they dont have to see all the movement outside of my car window.
7. Acclimate regular. If they seem really sick or they have an ammonia reading over like 4ppm then drip acclimate.
8. Get a tuberculocidal disinfectant to disinfect and read the instructions. *barbicide plus is what I use, easily available at sally's beauty supply, cheap, and approved by the ohio state board for cosmetology as a disinfectant for our impliments and blood spill procedures*
9. just research A LOT! there are some great websites about diseases and treatments (but sadly I dont have them bookmarked to share) google, google, google!
10. Not sure if there is anything else you should know.

What do you plan on doing with the bettas once they are better? Keep them or try to rehome them? -if rehoming, do you plan to ask a rehoming fee? Just some other things to consider.
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I plan to keep them. :)
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