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Could he have the "mystery disease"?

Poor Paris is looking rather odd ... I will try to post pics after school. I thought it was fin rot but now I'm not so sure. The butterfly on his tail is almost all brackish/grey with some red here and there and his tail seems to been eatin' away at. Also I'm concerned because he is having trouble swallowing. He is about 3.5 old and he's on Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets (which are tiny! And he's having trouble swallowing them all the sudden?!?) mainly because he's so picky and won't eat normal pellets or bloodworms. He still has an avid appetite, racing around only to spit them all out :( His behavior seems normal. He's still extremely active and out going as ever.

As far as treatment he is in a half gallon tank with a little over 1/4 a teaspoon of AQ Salt and nine drops of API Betta Fix. Also I broke of a chunk of one of those seven day feeding bricks (he practicing lived of of these the first 2 weeks I had him since the picky little brat wouldn't eat anything else) to see if he'd eat any of the shrimp in it... Also I'm doing 100% water changes daily.

So what do you guys think? What else should I do?
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You can kinda see in my avitar that the end of his tail is kinda a silvery color. Just imagine it as a dark grey/black now... also his dorsal is a tad deteriorated with silvery gray around it...
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you could post a bigger picture for us?
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