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Old 02-10-2013, 12:30 PM   #1 
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My betta ended up in the to ensure he is ok :(

Hi everyone

I was doing my routine 100% WC with vaccuum. I move Steely, my DT male into a glass bowl filled with his own old tank water while I do housekeeping on his 5 gallon tank.

I usually cup him using a clear plastic cup to tranfer him. I do the reverse to get him out of the bowl and back into his tank. Today he decides to jump out of the cup and the poor guy ended up in the sink. Thankfully he didnt go down the drain. I got him out FAST and put him in his tank.

He is swiming around but also hiding in his plants more than he usually does.

What should I be doing & looking out for over the next few days to ensure he is okay.

I thnk my heart has stopped racing :(


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Its happened to all of us at one time or another or at least most of us....Lucky he didn't go down the drain...that has happened to several people too....bummer.....Anyway, I would just watch him for now-usually if he was healthy to start-recovery from the fall is pretty fast. I had a tank that got knocked over once and I didn't find it for 8 hours and the Betta recovered without issues and even went on to spawn a week or so later and still doing well today.
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Red face

yeah i had i problem related to that too... i was getting my male VT betta out using a cup and he decided to just leap out and landed on a towel i layed on my dresser. he was so slimey(yuck!!) and he was spazzing so i picked him up by the tail and plopped him into the tank and he was breathing heavily along with me. he's perfectly fine now they just need time to heal and recover but don't worry... its fine
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Our little guy got dropped onto a counter at a friend's house when she was watching him for us and changing the water out; her counters were always quite dirty too! She said he fell out of the net onto the counter, just kinda laid there in a puddle of betta, and she slid him onto her hand and placed him back in the water. We were SUPER concerned about him getting sick/germy from that, but nothing ever happened. He was fine, never got sick, never showed any signs of anything wrong. That was a year+ ago and it had no effect. So keep your eye on him, but keep in mind that he may experience no negative effects at all from it.
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thanks everyone for the quick replies. Steely has comeof out hiding and seems to be fine. He ate and is swimming around. I'll keep an eye on him over the next couple of days

Thanks again

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Keep his water good and clean, he may have came into contact with cleaners or chemicals in addition to the germs.
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A few weeks ago my delta tail jumped from his cup during transfer (he gets really nervous and panics when he sees the cup) and he ended up flipping out of the cup and onto the to the power strip O.O
My friend's mom had a betta a few years ago that actually fell into a pan of hot grease that was cooling off next to the sink...he looked like Two-Face from "The Dark Knight"...but he was fine, except for being a little crispy on one side, and went on to live to 4 years old.
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