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2 qs: curtailing fin-nippers, and indian almond leaf/tannins

Recently, I noticed my betta had reddened fin tips, despite perfect water parameters, which I check every 1-2 days. I was confused about his tail issue, until I was watching them one afternoon and saw the platy nipping him. She does it when he is "stalking" something, be it a fry or a thawed bloodworm. She just sneaks up and nips. This morning, I noticed a molly do it. They have never done this before until last week. I am thinking it's related to my recent addition of frozen blood worms to their diet. I drop in half a cube to the tank every Friday -20g, with 1 betta, 3 mollies (1:2, male to female), 1 female platy, and 1-2 kuhli loaches. There are 3 one-month-old molly fry too big for anyone to eat as well, that I will be rehoming soon. I've noticed everyone is more frisky or aggressive since I've started adding the bloodworms. I'd like to continue with the blood worms, I know a varied diet is important, but I don't want them to keep nipping him.

Meanwhile, to help reduce his stress and possibly help with healing, plus we need to buffer our pH some, I have decided to add the IAL, or do black-water extracts. We already have driftwood, but I know we can do more. I prefer my water to look murky and natural, we're going for a river-bottom look, very natural, with our tank. But I know nothing about the how-to-use stuff regarding the IAL. Do I just stick the leaf in the tank, or shove it into the filter. Do I crumble it up, or leave it whole? How long will it last?

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You can just put the leaf in the tank and let the tannins come out. I prefer to put it in there whole, but I guess you can break it up into smaller pieces if you want the tannins to come out faster. I usually replace my IAL after a week, but I've heard you can put it in there for 2.
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