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Old 02-12-2013, 08:23 AM   #1 
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Both betta ignoring each other

Hello, I am a new breeder and trying to breed them, but when i put them together they are ignoring each other. Is it because of this common type bought from normal fish store is not for breeding?Do i have to buy those ex(crowntail,half moon,etc.) for breeding? Can anyone tell me what's the name of my betta?

my male betta, i took him out for a proper shot, i put him back immediately after taking the photo. Oh yes, if you are wondering why is the tail like this, i put him in a small container with divider, i didn't notice the divider was loose and there are two fish in i. I went out for a few hours and came back it became like this.

my female betta, could not get a clear shot, im sorry

please excuse me for my english
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The female looks a bit stressed... and doesn't seem to be full of eggs at this time, which will affect how they react to one another.

How did you condition the pair, and for how long?

Conditioning can take anywhere from 7-14 days recommended.. feeding live/frozen foods and high quality pellet food. Lots and lots of food.. feeding a few times a day until the female's belly is pretty swollen. The live/frozen foods (such as bloodworms) will help the female get in breeding mode and fill up with eggs.
I found it best to card the pair - allowing them to see no other fish regularly. But allow them to see each other for 10-20 minutes a day. I would card for at least 5-14 days.

If the female is ready to pop then you don't need to separate them when placed into the breeding tank. But if she doesn't seem too ready then you would want to keep them separated while in the breeding tank, but allow them to see one another. I usually keep them separated while in the breeding tank anywhere from 12-24hrs.. it will allow the male time to build a nest and flirt with one another without hurting each other.

Then once released you will leave them be.. don't disturb them, checking on them a couple times a day without disturbing them though.. just peek in to see if they are doing anything. Covering the tank will help keep them from distractions.

The tank set up is important too - how is it set up? Temp, live plants, etc..
I have found it easier to breed virgin fish in small containers/bowls within the tank itself.

Sometimes it takes a while with virgin fish.. can take a week or two before they do anything. Recently had a pair of virgins that ignored each other for a week before they spawned, and had another pair spawn within hours of being introduced.. so it all varies.

Best you can do is make sure they are conditioned really good, the female is ready and then just leave them be.. only disturb them and remove one if they become too aggressive. But some aggressive/nipping/chasing is normal.

It doesn't matter that they came from pet stores, it all comes down to conditioning and how ready the female is.
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i just put them in today, maybe i am abit too anxious. i will leave them for for maybe for a few days, i will try covering them with some kind of cloth so won't be disturbed. I ask some of my friends, they said it just the matter amount of time.

I put a tank with male betta in it and in the centre i put a jar with female in it.
I do not have a heater as the temperature in my country is just right (30~35)
I do not have decoration becoz i'm trying to save cost. My parents said there is no need for such decoration.

Oh yes, I feed them AZOO 9 IN 1 BETTA PELLET .
So i will leave them alone for a week and observe.

thx !!

PS: do you know what's the name of my betta type??

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Male is plakat and female is vt. All the babies should turn out vt unless female is carrying the pk gene.
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I wouldn't just throw them together and hope for the best for a week if the female is not ready to mate it's more likely the male will just kill her. You need to remove her and condition them both until the female is full of eggs.
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Location: QLD, Australia
The male only tolerates the female if she will produce eggs, if not then he will have no reason to be kind to her.
She should look fat and have vertical stripes to know when she is ready to breed.
Like this
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Old 02-12-2013, 02:18 PM   #7 
Reference Team
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I agree. Two conditioned fish that are both ready to spawn will spawn surprisingly fast once they have been introduced to each other.

When I had a sibling pair of splendens, I waited until the female was literally trying to smash through the side of her breeders' net before releasing. They spawned within about five minutes of me letting them in together. No damage done to either fish.

Before that when I tested them out the male had continually chased the female around, and the female had shown no interest in courtship or the bubblenest.

Betta splendens have been known to seriously injure and even kill each other in the spawning tank, so it is important that you only let your fish in together when both are ready.
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Just a few more suggestions. I always have places for my female to hide. Those "decorations" do serve a pupose if used correctly. I prefer bundled plants, for the female can go as deep inside as she wishes to "disappear" and have a rest from a faster stronger male. I also place rocks or potted plants in each corner. This allows for a long chase along the length of the tank which will tire out the aggression of the male. If the male takes too long finding her, she will come out from hiding and the chase begins again. If you ever see a horizontal stripe, from mouth to tail, on the female, pull her. This is a sign she is stressed and scared. They will not spawn if you see this stripe.

Also, and I don't know of anyone else who does this, but I put my female in a jar that has about an inch lip above the water line, and is big enough for her to swim forward a little. When she is ready, she will jump out of the container into the rest of the tank. You need that inch lip so she doesn't inadvertantly jump when spooked by the male. With the lip, she has to put forth the effort to make the jump. Works every time.

If you cannot buy "dicorations" you can use other items such as styrofoam cups. They will sucction to the walls of the tank if there is a small rim around the bottom. Make sure though that they are big enough so the female does not get trapped inside if the male finds her. Or even better, cut holes in the sides for an escape route. make sure everything you use is clean and preferable new. Do not use anything that has been washed with soap for it may have a residue on it. That can kill your fish.
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this is my current set up, i'll try to find some ways to get plants.
now my male betta is always chasing the female(outside the jar ).
Is my current setup correct? Oh yes, i do not have filter,etc..
And also what do you mean by condition?
I want to take out the jar and see is my female full of eggs but i scare that i would disturb them

i also saw something like bubblenest frmo my female, i had never seen it before when i was putting them in other tanks. can those possibly be eggs?

and also my two other male bettas quite often make bubble nest even without seeing a female, all by themselve. is this normal??

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Males will typically blow bubble nest simply because they are happy. Even without seeing a female. This is normal. The bubbles you see in the females jar is a good sign. Does she have the vertical, up and down, bars on her sides like posted a picture of? If she does, that is a good sign also.

For a filter, all you need is a sponge, air hose, and an air pump. I do not start the filter until the fry are free swimming for about 4 days. Do not put it on too strong, because it will suck in the fry and they will not be strong enough to break free.

Conditioning means getting the male and female strong, healthy, and in breeding condition. I do this by feeding a variety of foods including live. Making their days at least 16 hours long by turning on their lights early and turning them off late, warmer temps around 80*-82*F, letting them see each other for a few minutes a few times a day. This will get the male reved up and trigger the female to produce eggs. Also, most spawnings can be a tough endevor. They can be very hard on each other biting and tearing each others fins and even removing scales. If you do not condition them ahead of time, you could lose one or both after the spawn. They really need to be in tip top condition for them to make it through a spawn. You really shouldn't leave them in a bare tank for a spawn. I would not risk that. Imo, the female needs a place to retreat. Some may disagree with me on that, but I've never lost a female after a spawn either. If you look around, you should be able to find something to put in the tank that doesn't cost anything. like cups. Look on the bottom of the female and see if right behind the ventrals if you see a white dot. You can pull out the jar she is in too look at her. It will not disturb them at all.The minute you put it back, they will be all the happier to see one another if they are ready to spawn.
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