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treating torn or injured fins

I was finally able to get the offenders out, and I am hoping to rehome them. I really don't want to keep up with a separate tank. But I can't tolerate them picking on my boy! This is his tank, I just let them live in there, and today, my patience has worn thin.

So, his has a large split up his caudal fin and several reddened nips along the edges, plus one of his ventrals was bitten. He's a butterfly and almost all the white part is gone, it's maybe 1/4 inch shorter than the other now. The small nips on his caudal seem to heal up within a few days, until another one replaces it. Hence why I'm took the nippers out. My water parameters are perfect, just checked, all zero, except nitrates, which are not quite 5 on the color chart. They look in between 0 and 5. Anyway... Temp is 79, he poops good, little salmon colored curls. Last week he has one blobby salmon colored poop after a big bloodworm meal, but he has no probs pooping since. I've drastically reduced the amount of blood worms, that was my first time feeding them. Instead of the whole chunk, I just break off a small amount, about the size of his eye, and it replaces his meal that day and I fast him the next. He normally gets 2-3 NLS pellets 2x a day.

Anyway, I can't add aq salt (or rather, it would be a headache, as I'd have to separate someone else and end up with 3 tanks, since I have a kuhli loach in there too).

Is there any other good treatments for his injuries? I noticed in addition to the nips and tear, his right pectoral looks odd and he hardly uses it. It's not got a visible tear but he just seems to be favoring the other. I've seen him use it, the full span, so it's not useless, but he just is preferring to not use it, and the top part almost looks like it's folded over a bit. I'm assuming the mollies did that too. It was fine this morning. Otherwise, he is acting fine. He's frisky, eating well, pooping good, not clamped, his color is good, his fins are spread out and moving strong (save for the one injured pectoral).

I already added some extra stress coat, as well as checked my parameters. What else, aside from aq salt, would be good. I am ordering some IAL, they won't be here for a bit though.
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Since you know that he's just been nipped but he looks fine otherwise, I would recommend just keeping him in VERY clean, warm water. Monitor him closely for any signs of infection. If the edges of his fins start to become discolored, this would indicate he's getting an infection. Since you've removed the offenders, he should start healing up pretty quickly.
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reddened edges is not from biting. That is actual rot.

Can you please share photos and fill this out:
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