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Originally Posted by Oldfishlady View Post
If you have a lot of live plants in active growth-you don't need the ammonia for the nitrogen cycle. The plants themselves will provide all the food for the beneficial bacteria to get the nitrogen cycle started-plus the plants have lots of the BB on them already.

What species and how many live plants, what type of substrate and how deep.
What kind of lights are you using, age of bulbs, kelvin, watts and photoperiod.

How big is the tank, type of filter, additives normally used and what is your finial stocking plan.

Can you post a pic...
This is the tank before the water went a little brown-ish, I will post another photo when my camera charges though, too easy. :)

I'm not sure I have enough of the right species of plant. As per your recommendation when I asked you about which plants would be beneficial, I went and got some wisteria, and some bacopa as well though it's not as crazy-growing (it's just so beautiful). The current list of all plants in the tank:
  • Water sprite
  • Duckweed
  • Various anubias varieties
  • Willow moss
  • Subwassertang
  • Wisteria
  • Bacopa
And also when it gets here, frogbit.

So yeah, like I said, there's loads of plants, but only some of the fast-growing nutrient sponge variety. I do have lights in the correct spectrum on their way (being posted today, so will have them in the next few days) so hopefully plant growth will speed up in those fast growers, and I can be confident about that at least.

Thank you so much for your help and advice, it's always very much appreciated OFL.
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