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Ragged fins

Hello everyone, I'm hoping someone here can help me with one of my bettas.

I bought a hmdt about three weeks ago and put him in a 2 gal tank with filter and heater. After about 4 days he started tail biting. I added some more decorations and kept the water clean. He stopped biting but then his other fins took on a ragged appearance.

It doesn't look like fin rot, no black edges or bloody spots. I thought maybe bad water quality from being in a small tank so I moved him into a 25 gal community tank with a few neon and a couple guppies.

His fins started to grow back and all appeared well until a few days ago. He bit his tail again and the other fins also looked ragged but not bitten.
He is in a quarantine 2 gallon being treated with betta revive, its what the lps recommended.

After two days he already looks better but the new growth is crooked and weird. Suppose there isn't anything to do about that but I wish I could figure out why he is biting/ripping his fins. I'd also like to use something beside the blue stuff I bought to help him heal, what would you recommend?

As to a permanent house, what would you do if he was yours? I have a 3 gallon filtered/heated tank that is cycling or I can put him back in the community tank. I'd really like him in the community tank if possible. The other fish don't bother him and he is really active, using all the space to zip around.
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I've always been told that warm clean water is the best remedy for healing fins.
My betta tore his fins about 3 weeks ago and they are on the mend but it is taking a while.
What is the 'blue stuff' you bought to help him heal?
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guppies are cold water fish adn don't belong in a tropical tank. They are also fin nippers. You need to rehome the guppies or get them their own tank.

Also a new tank will be undergoing a cycle, which is probably his problem:

You should be testing every day for ammonia and nitrite and doing an extra 50% tank any time either show up. An additional 20-50% weekly with siphon is needed. Cycling takes up to 2 months.

Mine get 5 or 10 gallon tanks by themselves with live plants.. I would at least do a 2 gallon with water changes twice weekly, heater, and small airstone under the heater to distribute heat.
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You are misinformed about guppies, they do best in water 75-82 degrees. I do understand that there can be issues with guppies and bettas but this wasn't the case with my betta. He did harass the guppies for a couple days but they never bothered him.
I do believe that water quality did play a big part in his fin problems. I'm not so good at keeping smaller tanks as clean as I should. I'm doing a 75% water change every other day right now and his fins are already growing back.
The blue stuff is called betta revive I used it for 2 days and it really seemed to help. I'm no longer using it as there is no fresh wounds or necrosis.
I do plan on putting him back in the community tank once his fins have grown back more. I am cycling a 3 gallon though, just in case things don't work out.
I do have to say that I have always had a betta in my community tank and have never had issues with fighting or fin nipping except the time I tried a Chinese algae eater after the lps told me they were docile.
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