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Does it look fungus-like?
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does that look like a bulge underneat 3-4 scales towards the rear fin?
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MattsBettas- it is smooth and very thin when viewed from above or when Mishu swims at just the right angle. It does not look like cotton or anything. I am really beginning to think it is a scale that he knocked loose. I have all silk plants in my aquarium, along with a red Japanese bridge and a faux stone pagoda. He swims through the pagoda all the time. And likes to move the corys out of it sometimes. So I am wondering if he decided to move the corys out and in doing so bumped his side.

Acitydweller- I think is was the angle I took the picture. I have removed Mushu from the ten gallon and into a 2 qt to get a better picture. At first I thought that there was a bump underneath too. So I brought out a magnifying glass and really looked at him from all sides and there is no bulge that I could see. However I will obviously be keeping an observant eye on him the next few days.

Thank you both very much. I will update with any new information that I observe.
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Ok so here is what I can see..I pulled out a high power LED flashlight and really went over all of Mushu. I can't see that sliver/white spot anymore. There is no bulge near the tail, there is a small dark spot where it looks like a scale did fall out. It is not red or white or look like it is infected or in anyway even irritated. Just instead of having a solid blue patch of scales there now there is one very small spot in the center where that silver/white spot was that is the dark grey/black that is found on his head. Any ideas? Could it be a new scale? He does have one or two other places where there is a dark grey/black scale among the blue scales. Thank you all again!
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You need to be testing daily with a reliable drops kit for ammonia and nitrite and doing an extra 50% change anytime you see either show up. In addition to this a 50% change with siphon is needed. Cycling will take up to 2 months. You will see an ammonia spike first, then nitrite. Ammonia should fall and stay at 0 first, then nitrite, leaving you with only nitrates after a full week. At this point a weekly 25% with siphon should be enough.

Make sure the heater is next to the filter so the heat circulates and you don't end up with hot/cold spots.

How are you monitoring temps?

Since he is new, how did you acclimate him to the new water?

What conditioner are you using?

Can you share new photos?
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