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Location: Colorado
How can I make my tank more interesting?

More interesting for the fish, that is. =)

Well, I have a male orange betta in a ten gallon tank with four African Dwarf Frogs, one zebra nerite snail and one temporary mystery snail friend. I also have a few plants in there like a fern and a few stem plants(they look like heck because they were in there a while back when I had an ich scare with fish before I had Jack, they've yet to fully recover but they are trying), as well as a marimo moss ball that my frogs practically live under, and a small piece of driftwood.
I've noticed my betta seems a bit bored, I could be wrong. lol But what would you put in that would fascinate your betta and give him some fun? Without taking up too much room that is. Mine likes to check out the plants and hang around, but then he just kinda swims back and forth all day, sounds boring to me, but maybe he's not. lol

Anyway, this is a video of my tank so you can get the picture of what it all looks like in there for thoughts. I got him January 16th of this year, he seems to like his space in there. He had a big tear in his tail when I got him, but that's fixing. Any ideas to make him feel more at home? Or maybe put my "He's freakin bored" worries to rest. =P

This tank has been up and running for over two and a half years now. =) Used to be a platy tank, now it's used for my betta and froggies.
[ame=]My Orange Betta - YouTube[/ame]

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You could get some more hiding places for him, and some plants that reach the surface. Bettas love to hide and also love to rest near the surface.
I have Lilly plants in my tanks and my male LOVES to sleep on top of the leaves near the surface, he'll spend very long periods of time there. I also have a pineapple cave for him to hide in and he loves to swim in and out of it. I'll often see him swim in and then stick his nose out the other side and just hang out there for a bit.
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Location: Baton Rouge Louisiana
I have an orange VT too. He looked pretty excited to me.
Ever considered splitting the tank and getting another betta?
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Location: Colorado
Actually, I did split the tank before. I also had a split twenty gallon with Jack and some females. Unfortunately that didn't work out, they found ways to get over the divider. One of my big blue females kept getting in with Jack there, she seemed to want to breed, but she wasn't very nice to him. She'd fly over and flare at him and he'd just hunker down in the corner. Poor guy. lol I was trying NOT to get any babies just yet. LOL She would actually stick herself to the divider and slide up it until she could get over it, it was rather weird. I even tried keeping the water two inches below the divider and they'd still get over it in the twenty gallon. In my other divided tank with two males, they'd do the same thing. It scared me so I got everyone their own tank to remedy any possible fights or deaths. ^^; I tried several different types of dividers, they all worked pretty much the same when it came to my escape artists. So I wont be doing that again! lol Nobody was ever injured, but it still scared me. c.c

I currently have only two bettas. In my big tank where I kept the females after the escape fiascos, we had a nasty go through and it killed all five of them, as well as a male I had in there in a large mesh breeder temporarily. v.v; I currently only have Jack and a black and purple/blue orchid betta with the crowntail tail(I dunno if all orchids have that or not, it's the first one I've ever seen, let alone owned...expensive as they are beautiful lol), who lives in his own five gallon planted tank. I was going to breed them once I had a set up for it, but that got kinda dashed and I've lost my oomph. =( I'm just hoping to make the two I have left my only bettas, and happy ones at that. =p

This is my orchid betta I named Sirius(My baby cousin was in refusal, so his name ended up being Twilight Sirius LOL) He used to be in the ten gallon when it was divided. Sorry for the reflection, very hard to get good photos of him and that ruined it! We're also trying to make his five gallon more comfortable, but there's so much less you can do in a five gallon tank.

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