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Transfer from 1 gallon to 5 gallon

I've had my betta for a year and a half now, and I finally got him a 5 gallon tank! I've only transferred him once before, from his container at the pet store to the one gallon tank that he's in now. I've been working on setting up the 5 gallon. I rinsed the new tank and added the gravel (I had to buy new gravel, because I needed so much more), and added all his old plants and decorations to the new tank (plus a few new ones) and set up the new filter. I read that it helps to run the old filter in the new tank, but since this tank is so much larger, that's not possible. I also added a about a half a gallon of his old water to the new tank, after stirring up the old rocks. Now the new tank has been running for about and hour or so and I'm wondering how long I should wait to move Arnold (the betta) and Michael (my snail), and what is the best way to move them? Should I use a plastic bag like when I brought them home?

I'm so worried about the move. I know he'll be happier and healthier afterwards, but I don't want to hurt him in the process!

Thanks in advance for your answers!
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Well. moving him from one tank in your house to another shouldn't be that stressful because the water should be pretty much the same in both tanks. Assuming the temperature in both tanks is the same I would think you could just drop him in the new tank without any problems. However, if you're that concerned, you could put him in a bag and float it in the new tank to do a slower more controlled acclimatization.
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i would put something from the old tank in the new one. a decoration, plant, gravel, etc. that way you get the good bacteria, but you dont have to transfer the dirty water in there. i would leave the filter off when they are first in, or baffle it so the current isnt strong. personally, i would just add your fish to the tank. obviously once alll the temperatures add up and the water has settled, but i wouldnt do a bag because i think trying to get him in there would be worse than just scooping him up and adding him in to his new home. thats just my opinion though! good luck
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i think once the tank looks settled and the temperatures have evened out it will be perfectly fine to move him. thats what i do with my betta if i have to move her. i let the tank sit for a little while with the filter running, and once the water has settled and there isnt anything like floating around or there are no bubbles on anything i put her in and she is fine (:
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One thing you can do is put him in a plastic cup- think like a party cup with some of his old water.

Every 25 minutes take a table spoon of old water out of the little cup and put in a tablespoon of the new water. Keep doing that until you're pretty comfortable that Arnold's swimming in mostly new water and let that sit.

When you're ready, hold the cup in the water and slowly, incrementally allow some of the tank water to come into the cup.

By that point, the cup should be on it's side and half of it filled with the tank water. If you hold it there for a little bit and watch, Arnold will swim on his own into the water when he's ready ^_^

I do this sort of thing when I do water changes, and it helps keep Bo less stressed. I find that it keeps the possibility for shock to a minimum, and that when the fish does everything on his own terms, he's more likely to be comfortable.

I hope that this helps, and congratulations on the tank upgrade!

Good luck! ^^
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