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Old 03-05-2013, 09:53 AM   #1 
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Oto catfish?

I was wondering of an too catfish is a good companion for a betta fish, also was wondering if mystery snails were good to. Can't decide witch one to get. Give me your opinion ,
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otos... I recommend to get as many as you can... space permitting.
Apple snails are also OK.

However if your tank is too small or uncycled, stocking with tank mates isn't usually a good idea.water quality issue can lead to uncomfortable fish and problems with deterioating finnage.

Otos tend to be finicky upon purchase, some will die, but those that survive tend to last.
They should be supplemented with blanched veggies as many do not know how to eat algae wafers.

Mystery snails/apple snails will readily take fish food in addition to scavenging for food.

Personally I think otos are much much cuter.

back to the companion ship problem, Bettas don't need or want someone to share their space, often times I add "companions" when I feel the tank is getting a little boring with just one betta. lol. But my betta couldn't care less. that's just his personality...
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It also depends on your tank size. No otos in less than a ten gallon.
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Otos are relatively fragile, and should be added to established tanks in groups of 3+ (preferably 5+). They love swimming space and can be picky eaters. If you have a large tank (10 gal or higher) and it is well established then go for it! They really are great fishes. So are pygmy corys.

EDIT: Your betta will most likely chase them around at first (mine did!), but otos are pretty fast so they should be alright! They got used to each other after a few weeks.
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