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So I have had a male betta in my community tank for about a month. The tank started as his but I decided to add to it. I started with a pleco because my pet store will allow me to trade in my pleco when it gets to big for the 10gal I have so they can use it in their bigger tanks. I have sinces added two platies and two dalamtian mollies. Everything has been going fine for about 3 weeks. Pretty sure the betta thinks he is a molly as he follows them around, chases them (no flaring or aggression) and circles through the bubble wall with them (something he was previously afraid of until his new friend ship with my mollies).

I decided to add a black phantom tetra tonight. My betta did not like this. I put the tetras cup in the tank for about 45 min, the betta looked but did not seem to care. After removing the tetra from the cup the betta immediately noticed and was not happy. Immediate flaring and aggressive chasing. The worse part is that he flared at his molly friends!

Is there something about the tetras they don't like? The tetra has not been aggressive towards anyone, he keeps to himself. Is the tank two full with my two inch pleco, tiny platies and 1 inch mollies and that is stressing him out now? The betta is in his cup at the moment, still in the tank so he can see everyone and his flaring has stopped. I am just nervous because I don't want my incredibly friendly betta to become aggressive towards his friends! Any thoughts, comments or suggestions???
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My females will flare for a day or so when I add a new one. Then they stop. Give them some time but keep an eye out for violence.

Your tank might be a bit over stocked especially as the fish start to grow bigger. Test it weekly and do more than one water change a week if it gets unstable.

PS tetras are schooling fish, one tetra might not be happy on his own.

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your betta has probably singled out the tetra and will keep harassing it. I have 5 mollies and everyone got along well until 2 of them started nipping at the bettas fins. I've since moved the mollies to another tank. I think having too many fast moving fish stress the bettas out. They just wanna swim around without the headache of other fish.
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Seven fish (including mollies and a Pleco) means that your over stocking your tank. Plus tetras are schooling fish
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