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Plants Having Water Condition Adjustment Issues

My plants I have gotten lately haven't been doing too great at adgusting to the well water. In fact most of them have mostly melted away but are growing new branches that seem to be doing good in the water conditions. However it's thinned out the plants a lot and I have had to replant some of my stem plants. Since this was meant to be a sorority tank what can I do to help them grow out again and how long should it take before they are good again? My plants I currently have are:

2 anubias
1 moss ball
3 java ferns
java moss

The plants having some trouble which are my newest plants are:
red ludwigia

My new plant that is doing fine is:
Amazon Swordtail

I also want to get hornwort as a floating plant.

What can I do to help them grow in and what other plants should I get if any to help fill in the space left behind from the dead parts of the plants? I fert and CO2 the tank every other day as well.
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Make sure you are trimming the dead or dying leaves. You could run CO2 every day (watch your lighting, if it's not high light the CO2 doesn't really help you much).

It is normal to have some melt and re-growth with big changes. I had a beautiful anubias petite that was doing really, really well until it changed tanks. Then it all melted, and I trimmed it up. It's now growing brand new thick leaves that look very healthy.
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you probably have to research into the temperature for the plants and see if they are compatiable with your existing tank temperature and with one another.

if i have my tank at 78, the anacharis melts over a period of a week or two, they do better at 76F. so what i do with my anacharis, i only put what i want into the tank and have the rest in a bucket with liquid ferts in dechlorinated water. they grow like crazy, very green and thick leaf clusters outside of the tank. so i get to replenish healthy anacharis over time as the older one melt away. one more thing they are great makers of oxygen & absorbers of ammonia, and my baby shrimpies hang onto the leaves.
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I honestly find it hard to believe it's temperature related as they are in three different tanks with three separate temps and all doing the same. The main is in 80 degrees and is actually currently the best shape and growing new branches faster. The second is in a smaller tank and doing the worst and it's at about 76-74 degrees, the third which is doing pretty okay is in my side tank for plants only so i can grow more plants for other tanks and is at 78 and still doing better than the one in the smaller snail tank but not as good as the one in the main tank at 80.

Also looked it up it does good from 59-82F They adjust pretty well to new temps over time. This is likely more to do with overall water change as it went from city water to well water.

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