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Surprise Betta! Need advice.

After reading this forum constantly for a few weeks (work productivity approaching zero), I pulled the trigger yesterday on a Deep Blue 3g for my office. I want to do an NPT, hopefully cycle it, get a rescue betta, etc. It gets here on the 22nd, along with a proper test kit.

Today, on craigslist, there are three bettas available from someone who has to rehome them. Each is in a 2.5g tank. Looks like no substrate, minimal plastic plants, no heater. $25 bucks for each tank, including the Betta. I would really love to take at least one of these guys home, and give him a good life. I will also end up with an extra tank to grow plants in, or whatever.

Given that these tanks don't have much in the way of decor or a filter, should I bother keeping the tank water? I could transport the Betta in something like a 12 cup container if some water would be helpful, or save all of it, or get rid of it when I drain the tank. I don't know anything about the seller's methods. I worry that without a proper test kit (it's on the way!), I could be saving water that is harmful. Or, throwing out water that might make the transition easier for him.

What say you, O Wise Keepers of The Betta?

Also, I am happy to buy whatever at the store to make the trip and situation better, so suggestions are welcome. A heater is obviously on the list for immediate purchase.
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The tank water is not necessary, but you should save some of it for him to be in while he is being acclimated. Also, Also it is very difficult to cycle and maintain a stable system with anything under 5 gallons, so cycling is not necessary. Live plants sound like a good idea, because plastic plants can harm your bettas fins.
Here is a lists of things you might want to buy:
-It sounds like you know about getting a heater, so make sure you pick up a thermometer too.
-Water conditioner
-Obviously some betta food :)
-Substrate if you wish, but it is not necessary
-Some live or silk plants
-Maybe a cave
Good luck with your betta!
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Old 02-18-2013, 05:25 AM   #3 
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Location: West Palm Beach, FL
Thank you so much FishFriend! Not keeping the water makes life a lot easier. Until my test kit gets here, I will be doing very frequent water changes anyway. Hopefully some day I can get it to cycle.
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