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Aquarium and supplies

I know pretty much how to care for a betta. I know they need a heater and cycled water. I just want to know where to get a decent 5 - 10 gallon aquarium that is inexpensive. I am also looking for heaters that are good and filters.

What kind of kits are out there?

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It really depends on where you're located. For heaters and filters, I highly recommend Amazon, but don't cheap out on a heater as this will be the one thing where if it breaks/malfunctions, you're whole tank could be killed (frozen, cooked or even electrocuted!). For filters, I'm a fan of the Marina slim filters, for a 10gal, I'd recommend the S20, very quiet, works well & very cheap (I have the S10 in my 5 gal), oh! and the flow's completely adjustable so there's no need to baffle. Many people also like sponge filters as they can be cheap & effective, however, I don't like the loud hum that the air pumps seem to make (my tank's in my room, so this is important) and I found that the slims were actually cheaper than any air pumps I could find (at least the slims were cheaper on amazon than any I found on Amazon or in pet stores, about $15USD).

I'm sure you know about decor, maybe some plants (I'm a live plant fan) and food, but you want to get a water dechlorinator that removes chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals. I suggest Sechem Prime as it's cheap, it works FABULOUSLY and you get the best bang for your buck (steer clear of the Betta-specific stuff... it's just watered-down regular stuff so you use about 10 times more). You'll also want a water testing kit of some kind. The liquid ones are the most reliable, such as the API Master Test Kit (these are quite expensive, but they work out to less that $0.50USD/test and your water parameters are going to be the lifeblood of your tank).

For tanks, the best deal is when petco in the US has their $1/gal sale where you can snag a 10G for about $10. You can also try thrift stores, local classifieds or even craigslist to see if you can find a good cheap tank. Just be sure to test anything used with the 24hr leak test outdoors/in a bathtub before using it.

& that's my 29cents' worth lol
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I am a huge fan of my marineland hex 5. Gentle flow filter with the bio wheel built into the hood so the only thing in the tank is the intake tube which is easily hidden by plants. More room. I did replace the incandesent light bulb with a flouresent, $5 at walmart.
I put an aquacon 25 watt heater as they are very slim and realitivly inexpensive.
Look in my photo album and you will see the results.
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I like craigslist, but it can be frustrating. Also a fan of long, low tanks.

I have a Hydor Theo and an Archaea Mini Ultra Slim. The Archaea is TINY, but works great so far.

For filters, I like the small Deep Blue and the Azoo Palm.

My favorite light is my Deep Blue Solar Flare Mini. I also have a cheap swing arm lamp from Home Depot with a Colormax bulb. Kind of janky, but it works.

Not a fan of kits, but they are certainly way more economical.
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