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Originally Posted by Otterfun View Post
ok, thanks for clarifying. so you can have all three zeros in the test results?
Will 0 ammonia & nitrite and 10-20 nitrate mean I need more plants to take care of the nitrates?
Yes. My planted tanks have 0 across all tests when I run them. I don't even bother anymore unless I notice a problem.
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Ok I'm assuming that answers my question too. Thanks. =)
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Originally Posted by JessJesting View Post
The fish can survive in there, yes? If not, what should I do? =/

Sorry for all the questions and thanks for your patience. Much appreciated.
yes they can... I'd say test for another week. if you are getting all zeros and the plants are actively growing, I wouldn't worry about it anymore and begin stocking...
I have a few shrimps and twenty hitchhiker snails in a half gallon of water and plants thy I basically neglect...

I usually dont stock my tanks woth anything but snails for the tfirst few weeks. I dont even change the water. I feed the snails to create ammonia? and always add a layer of substrate, not matter how thin. I find that this helps establish the tank faster. The water may or may not go throught a cloudy phase...when the plants are growing actively and the water is crystal clear...I know a system has been established.

Same as tekkguy, I never test my established planted tanks. Infact I've overstocked profusely temporarily holding 5 small cories and four other small fish in my 2.5 gallon and the water remained perfect - Just trying to emphasize the capacity of a planted tank...definitely not recommending anyone to overstock. fish need their swimming space... lol.
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Originally Posted by aokashi View Post
yes, haha. I guess things come around like this all the time. though this time I qould say. Ofcourse it's possible to cycle a 2.5! since so many have done it since then... Like Lebron, Speaking of which, I wonder where the kid went :(
you're a seasoned grasshopper now Hallyx ;)

@Jess- cyclops and other copepods will move around the water colum at a decent speed. They will also feed on the aquarium glass, but move around rather quickly. snails are slow and cant skip ans hop like the copepod critters.
Lol that's my thread and may I say I have maintained a cycle in my 2.5g. I try not to do big WC so as not to cause big disruptions. I syphon my tank with a turkey baster. I have plants in the tank as well, which also help. I even cycled my 20g, which was pretty much insta-cycle thanks to seeded media in my filter cartridge from my lovely LFS and Seachem Stability for good measure. Don't give up on cycling your 2.5g because it can be done, and your fish and shrimp (sounds like a plate from the local seafood place) will thank you for it.
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