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Thank you!

Just wanted to post here and say thanks for the great website. I have had a few betta's in the past, and always believed when people said they liked small bowls and all that good other 2 betta's I had did fine for 2 years. They seemed happy and were always making bubble nests, so I further believed that was how they were supposed to be.

Well I haven't had any betta's in a few years, and I got one about a month ago. Well this little guy (McDreamy...for all the Grey's Anatomy fans ) seemed miserable. I had just a little tiny cube for him with no filter or heater. I noticed he wouldn't eat, and stayed at the bottom of the tank most of the time.

I decided to google what could be wrong and I got so much information from this website. After seeing how cruel it actually is to have them in a little cube, I immediately went and bought him a ten gallon tank with a heater, filter, plants, toys, etc. I waited for it to cycle and then put him in...and oh my goodness, he is a completely different betta! He swims all around goes in the little log I got him. He comes right to the surface when put food in there.

It is so cool to see him come alive and not look miserable moping around the bottom..and I feel awful for believing the false info that I heard before...but I owe it all to this website and all the wonderful posters on here :)

My next payday I want to get one of those betta hammocks and some more plants and stuff.

The only problem I am noticing with him now though is when I feed him he seems to still spit some of the food out. I have tried pellets and flakes. I tried crushing up the flakes a little bit and it seemed to help, but I just want to make sure that could be the problem and not something more serious..Also, it's only been a few days since he's been in there so maybe he's still adjusting.

Wow that was long, but I had to let you all know that you helped McDreamy and me so much :)

Oh one last thing..for some reason he seems to LOVE the thermometer. He sleeps next to it and always moves it around haha.
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Make sure you remove the wire from the hammock.

What have you tried to feed? I like New Life Spectrum Betta and Omega One Betta Buffet.
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Right now I Just have the BettaMin brand food from Walmart. I'll have to check the local pet stores and see if they care those brands and give them a try..and thanks for the wire tip. Do you have any hammocks and do your betta's use them?
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BettaMin food, in my experience with my other bettas, isn't worth a hoot. Maybe try soaking it in organic garlic juice? I feed my current betta New Life Spectrum and he loves it. He'd gorge on it if I let him.

Mine loves the thermometer too. I've noticed he loves anything thin, smooth, and reedlike, and likes to curl around it and just sit there. I am assuming it is similar to his natural habitat (maybe sticks or reeds?) and that's why he is drawn to them. I bet he'd love a plant with smooth leaves, like an anubias. Mine usually sleeps in our corner anubias.

ETA- we have the hammock, and though he used it at first, now he doesn't. He prefers the aforementioned anubias, which we have in the corner of our tank.
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